Rep. Beth Turner


Representative Beth Turner is excited to enter her third term in the Maine House of Representatives. She represents House District 141 whcih includes: Alexander, Burlington, Chester, Cooper, Crawford, Danforth, Dennysville, Lakeville, Lee, Lowell, Mattawamkeag, Meddybemps, Princeton, Springfield, Talmadge, Topsfield, Vanceboro, Waite, Winn and Plantations of Carroll, Codyville, Drew, Grand Lake Stream and Webster, plus the unorganized territories of East Central Washington (part, including Berry, Cathance, Edmunds and Marion Townships), North Washington (part, including Big Lake, Brookton, Forest City, Greenlaw Chopping, Kossuth and Lambert Lake Townships) and Kingman, Prentiss, Twombly Ridge and Whitney (Pukakon) Townships

Rep. Turner has been assigned to serve on the Education and Cultural Affairs Commitee. Last session, Rep. Turner served double duty in the 127th Legislature, when she served as the House Republican lead on the State and Local Government Committee in addition to serving on the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee. She served on the State and Local Government Committee as part of the 125th Legislature.

She and her husband, Stanley, live in Burlington and have two children and three grandchildren. Rep. Turner works as a photographer.

Legislation sponsored by Rep. Turner in the first session of the 127th Leguislature:

LD 800 “An Act To Prevent Passage of Alewives through the Grand Falls Dam on the St. Croix River” – This bill requires the fishway on the Grand Falls Dam located on the St. Croix River to be configured or operated to prevent passage of river herring into the lakes that form the headwaters of the river, including, but not limited to, Grand Falls Flowage, Big Lake, West Grand Lake and Spednic Lake.

To Learn More About LD 800 Click Here

LD 1142 “An Act Regarding the Taxation of Out-of-state Pensions” – This bill avoids double taxation of certain employee contributions to retirement benefit plans made in other states by exempting from Maine income tax the portion of retirement benefits attributable to the taxpayer’s contribution to an employee retirement plan or an individual retirement account that was taxed by another jurisdiction.

To Learn More About LD 1142 Click Here

Phone: 207-287-1440

One Comment on “Rep. Beth Turner

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