Rep. Harold Stewart III

Rep. Harold “Trey” Stewart III is serving his first term in the Maine House of Representatives representing the people of House District 147 which encompasses most of Presque Isle.

Rep. Stewart is a recent graduate of the University of Maine where he majored in Political Science and Sociology and minored in Business Administration and Legal Studies. He is now the youngest legislator currently serving in the Maine Legislature.

Rep. Stewart has been appointed to serve on the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee during the 128th Legislature.

Rep. Stewart spends his spare time working out, golfing and playing football.

Below are some of the bills sponsored by Rep. Stewart in the 128th Legislature:

LD 250 “An Act To Increase the Penalty for Aggravated Sex Trafficking”

This bill sought to increase the crime of aggravated sex trafficking from a Class B crime to a Class A crime and requires a minimum sentence of imprisonment of 25 years to life.

LD 475 – An Act To Require That a Person Who Has Been Treated by a Law Enforcement Officer with Naloxone Be Informed about Drug Addiction Treatment

This bill proposes to require a law enforcement officer who has administered Narcan (naloxone hydrochloride) to a person to provide the name and contact information for that person to the nearest publicly funded mental health treatment provider. It requires a treatment provider receiving that information to contact the person and inform the person of available options regarding drug addiction treatment.

For a complete list of bills sponsored by Rep. Stewar click HERE

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