Proudly Serving House District 21:

Alfred, Limerick (Part), Newfield, Parsonsfield (Part), Shapleigh (Part)

Representative Heidi Sampson serves on the Joint Standing Committee on Education & Cultural Affairs

Prior to being elected as a Maine State Representative in 2016, she was appointed to serve on the Maine State Board of Education by Governor LePage.

“Maine’s educational system is vital to our future,” said Sampson. “Our youth are our future. We all reap dividends if we soundly invest in them, creating well-rounded, healthy, productive members of society. Our educational system, at all levels, needs to rise to the occasion, becoming more responsive, efficient and effective.”

Joint Standing Committee on Education & Cultural Affairs

The Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs oversees legislation pertaining to the Department of Education; State Board of Education; school finance, governance and administration; school budgets; school facilities; curriculum, instruction and assessment; teachers and administrators; special education and child development services; education of deaf and hard-of-hearing students; career and technical education; charter schools, alternative education, school choice and home schooling; school district reorganization; online learning; student health, nutrition and safety; truancy and dropouts; educational services at juvenile correctional facilities; adult education; Maine Education Policy Research Institute; University of Maine System; Maine Community College System; Maine Maritime Academy; postsecondary education finance and governance; Maine State Library; and cultural affairs, including Maine Arts Commission, Maine State Museum, Maine Historical Society, Maine Historic Preservation Commission, Maine Humanities Council and Maine Public, formerly known as Maine Public Broadcasting.

Constituent Services

Congratulatory letters, Legislative Sentiments, flags flown over the Capitol, assistance with state departments, general comments or questions about legislative matters. 

Contact Information

Mail: 2 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04330


Legislative Office: (207) 287-1440

Sponsored Legislation (2019-2020)

LD 185(HP148)
An Act To Provide a Method for a Student To Be Excused from Standardized Testing
LD 386(HP295)
An Act To Establish a Comprehensive Wildlife Biology Internship Program
LD 387(HP296)
An Act To Require Cursive Handwriting Instruction in Grade 3 to Grade 5
LD 541(HP398)
Resolve, To Reduce Food Waste in Schools
LD 664(HP485)
An Act To Organize Biannual County Meetings for Local School Boards
LD 728(HP533)
An Act To Fairly Compensate Registration Stations for Bear, Deer, Moose and Turkey Registrations
LD 882(HP656)
Resolve, To Require the Examination of the System of Learning Results
LD 884(HP658)
An Act To Repeal the Board of Licensing of Dietetic Practice
LD 965(HP720)
An Act To Restrict Cell Phone Use by Students While in School
LD 1066(HP789)
An Act To Address Municipal Conflicts of Interest
LD 1302(HP945)
An Act To Remove Vacancy Provisions for Certain Positions in County Government
LD 1423(HP1036)
An Act To Require Corporate Transparency When Taxpayer Funding Is Provided
LD 1425(HP1038)
An Act To Maintain the Integrity of the Department of Education by Prohibiting Its Promotion of Policies and Practices That Are Not Based on Rigorous Peer Review and Analysis, Limiting Acceptance of Private Funding in Implementing and Influencing State Policy and Retaining the Home Rule Powers to School Administrative Units
LD 1581(HP1143)
An Act To Restore County Tax Appropriation Integrity
LD 1597(HP1156)
An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Exemption for Purchases Made by Nonprofit Seasonal Camps
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