Rep. Deb Sanderson


Deb Sanderson is beginning her third term as a Maine State Representative for House District 88 which includes Chelsea, Whitefield, Jefferson and part of Nobleboro.

Rep. Sanderson works at Small business Development Group in Rockland after spending 10 years at the Maine Veteran’s Home central office in Augusta.

Rep. Sanderson has been appointed to served her third term as the House Republican Lead on the Health and Human Services Committee in the 128th Legislature.

She represents a pair of school districts including RSU 12 in Kennebec County MSAD 40 in Knox County.

Rep. Sanderson makes her home in Chelsea. When she’s not fiercely working on behalf of the people of her district and across Maine, you’ll find her camping, hunting and fishing. She also bikes in the Trek Across Maine fundraiser.

Phone: 207-376-7515
Office: 207-287-1440

2 Comments on “Rep. Deb Sanderson

  1. Thank-you for sponsoring the “Lyme” bill. Next, we need to push insurance companies and the CDC to recognize Chronic Lyme and financially help those families who are infected with Lyme. Your hard work is appreciated.


  2. Regarding L.D. #5

    It was great to see all the support in Augusta Monday. There was a lot of heartfelt testimony given , there was also the divide. The divide between CG’s and Dispensary’s. They look at Caregivers attempt to gain more patients as being unfair. To some degree I agree with them, if we CG’s can take on more patients after 5 we should also pay something for that right to take on more patients. Perhaps a tiered fee schedule that would allow “X” number of additional patients. Example: For $500 you could service up to 10 extra patients For $1000 you could service up to 20 extra patients Thinking that we could gain extra patients without a Fee is both unrealistic and unfair to the dispensary’s…………….”Reasonable” inspections and “testing of our product” should also be considered if we are ever going to be on the same page.

    Mark Luce
    Bud Green Care

    Check out Bud Green Care on Facebook


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