Rep. Lance Harvell

Harvell Resize

Rep. Lance Harvell is serving his fourth non-consecutive term in the Maine House where he represents District District 113 which includes Farmington and New Sharon.

Rep. Harvell has been appointed to the Energy, Utilities and Technology in the 128th Legislature.

He lives in Farmington with his wife Bernadette. They have two children.

Below are some of the bills sponsored by Rep. Harvell during the 128th Legislature:

LD 350: “An Act To Repeal Certain Requirements Concerning the Sale and Purchase of Firearms.”

This bill amends the provision of law that requires a firearms dealer who sells, lets or loans a firearm to make a copy of the form the dealer must keep pursuant to federal law and to show that copy to a law enforcement officer or prosecuting attorney as follows.

1. It removes the requirement that a dealer make a state copy of that federal form;

2. It requires a dealer to show to or allow inspection of that federal form by a state law enforcement officer or prosecuting attorney upon presentation of a formal written request for inspection stating that the form relates to an active criminal investigation;


3. It retains the exception currently in law regarding the sale of firearms by a wholesaler to a dealer or another wholesaler.

This bill was signed into law by Governor LePage May 26, 2017


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