Rep. Chad Grignon


Rep. Chad Grignon is serving his first term in the Maine House of Representatives representing District 118 which includes the Somerset County communities of Athens, Bingham, Caratunk, Cornville, Embden, Harmony, Jackman, Moose River, Moscow, Wellington and Plantations of Brighton, Dennistown, Highland, Kingsbury, Pleasant Ridge, The Forks and West Forks, plus the unorganized territories of Concord, Lexington and Wyman Townships, Northeast Somerset (including Rockwood Strip), Northwest Somerset and Seboomook Lake.

Rep. Grignon is a General Foreman at Pine State Drilling and is an expert in drill rig operation, welding and geothermal installation. He is a member of the National Groundwater Association and the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association.

In his spare time, Rep. Grignon enjoys restoring muscle cars, working on challenging geothermal projects and scuba diving.

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