Rep. Karen Gerrish


Representative Gerrish is entering her first term in the Maine House of Representatives serving District 20 which includes Acton, Lebanon and part of Shapleigh. She’s been appointed to serve as the ranking House Republican on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee in the 128th Legislature. This is her second term serving on this committee and first as a lead.

She attended the University of New England and the University of Southern Maine and currently works as an elementary technology teacher. She is a proud member of the following groups:

  1. Gun Owners of Maine
  2. Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine
  3. National Rifle Association
  4. She serves on the board for the Lebanon Community Learning Center
  5. Association Computer Technology Educators of Maine.

Representative Gerrish lives in Lebanon.

Rep. Gerrish currently has a bill that would expedite warrants through an electronic warrant system. As well as a bill to provide education savings accounts that would allow parents to transfer the state and local education funding allocated to their child to ensure their children are receiving the best educational opportunities available.

Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Rep. Gerrish: 

LD 62: An Act To Require Notice to Municipal Officers of Violations of Emergency Medical Services Law and Rule.

This bill provides notice to the municipal officers of a municipality when the Emergency Medical Services’ Board investigates or takes action with regard to a violation of law or rule in connection with the provision of emergency medical services in the municipality. The bill provides an exception to Emergency Medical Services’ Board confidentiality protections when notice is given to municipal officers.


LD 559: An Act To Notify Parents of a Complaint against a Child Care Facility or a Family Child Care Provider

This bill would have required the Department of Health and Human Services to notify in writing the parents and legal guardians of children receiving care at a licensed child care facility or from a certified family child care provider of a complaint’s being lodged against the facility or provider, of the department’s investigation and of the nature of the complaint. Notification must be sent within 5 days of the department’s commencement of the investigation.

For a list of all bills sponsored or cosponsored by Rep. Gerrish click HERE


Phone: 207-287-1440

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