Rep. Jeff Hanley


Rep. Jeff Hanley just completed his first term in the Maine House of Representatives representing the good people of House District 87 which includes the towns of Alna, Pittston, Randolph and Wiscasset. He has been appointed to serve on the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee in the 128th Legislature. He was also appointed to serve on the Joint Select Committee on Marijuana Legalization Implementation.

Rep. Hanley served on the Environment and Natural Resources Committee in the 127th Legislature.

Rep. Hanley is a part-time electrician and a retired welder and pipefitter who worked at Sappi Fine Paper in Madison. He hopes to listen and learn from the veteran members of the Republican caucus.

He makes his home in Pittston with his wife Sally. The couple has 4 Children and 9 Grandchildren.


Phone: 207-287-1440

One Comment on “Rep. Jeff Hanley

  1. Maine has over spent and over taxed for decades and until recently has been near the bottom in all economic measures. Our children have to leave the state to find jobs and the ones that stay are being saddled with high taxes and debt. I support lowering the income tax and welfare reforms.

    Joe Grant

    PS – I like what you are doing


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