Proudly Serving House District 118:

Athens, Bingham, Brighton, Caratunk, Concord Township, Cornville, Dennistown, Embden, Harmony, Highland, Jackman, Kingsbury, Lexington Township, Moose River, Moscow, Northeast Somerset, Northwest Somerset, Pleasant Ridge, Rockwood Strip, Rockwood Strip T1, Rockwood Strip T2, Seboomook, Seboomook Lake, The Forks, Wellington, West Forks & Wyman Township

Rep. Chad Grignon

Rep. Grignon is a General Foreman at Pine State Drilling and is an expert in drill rig operation, welding and geothermal installation. He is a member of the National Groundwater Association and the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association.

In his spare time, Rep. Grignon enjoys restoring muscle cars, working on challenging geothermal projects and scuba diving.

Committee on Energy, Utilities & Technology

The EUT Committee reviews legislation pertaining to energy policy, including energy resources, wind energy development, biomass energy, hydropower, solar energy; efficiency and conservation; electric industry, including supply, transmission and distribution; natural gas industry; tele- communications industry, including telephone, Internet, broadband and cable television services; E-9-1-1; water and sewer utilities, including district charters; Public Utilities Commission; Office of the Public Advocate; Governor’s Energy Office; ConnectME Authority; and Efficiency Maine Trust.

Constituent Services

Congratulatory letters, Legislative Sentiments, flags flown over the Capitol, assistance with state departments, general comments or questions about legislative matters. 

Contact Information

Mail: 2 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04330


Legislative Office: (207) 287-1440

Sponsored Legislation (2019-2020)

LD 41(HP42)
An Act To Replace Net Energy Billing with a Market-based Mechanism
LD 49(HP50)
An Act Regarding the Designation of Traumatic Brain Injury on Driver’s Licenses and Nondriver Identification Cards
LD 77(HP63)
An Act To Increase the Homestead Property Tax Exemption to $50,000 for Persons 75 Years of Age and Older
LD 210(HP173)
An Act To Increase Technology and Engineering Education for Grades 7 to 12
LD 255(SP67)
Resolution, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require That Signatures on a Direct Initiative of Legislation Come from Each Congressional District
LD 322(HP247)
An Act To Strengthen Maine’s Election Laws by Requiring Photographic Identification for the Purpose of Voting
LD 358(SP98)
An Act To Fully Fund Career and Technical Education for Fiscal Year 2018-19
LD 387(HP296)
An Act To Require Cursive Handwriting Instruction in Grade 3 to Grade 5
LD 416(HP325)
An Act To Allow Eating Establishments To Permit Smoking Tobacco in Designated Outdoor Eating Areas
LD 425(HP334)
An Act To Strengthen Small Businesses in Rural Maine by Changing the Minimum Wage
LD 555(SP177)
An Act To Reduce Colorectal Cancer Incidence and Mortality by Updating Screening Coverage
LD 575(HP419)
An Act To Increase the Bottle Redemption Deposit and the Amount Retained by Bottle Redemption Centers
LD 652(HP473)
An Act To Modify Maine’s Ice Fishing Laws with Respect to Cusk Fishing
LD 654(HP475)
An Act Regarding Instruction in Civics in Secondary Schools
LD 655(HP476)
An Act To Allow Municipalities To Send Separate Tax Bills for Municipal and County and School Taxes
LD 664(HP485)
An Act To Organize Biannual County Meetings for Local School Boards
LD 694(SP207)
An Act To Amend the Charter of the Town of Madison’s Department of Electric Works
LD 830(HP604)
An Act To Balance Maine’s Minimum Wage for Small and Large Employers
LD 873(HP647)
An Act To Limit Registration Fees on Water Well Drilling Equipment To Encourage Purchasing of Modern Equipment for Rural Well Construction
LD 882(HP656)
Resolve, To Require the Examination of the System of Learning Results
LD 963(HP718)
An Act To Exempt Overtime Pay from Individual Income Tax
LD 980(HP735)
An Act To Amend Provisions of the Maine Energy Cost Reduction Act Regarding Assessments on Ratepayers
LD 1102(HP806)
An Act To Remove a Reference to Constables in the Law Governing Execution of Process
LD 1363(HP985)
An Act Regarding Energy Transmission Corridors
LD 1383(HP1004)
An Act To Amend Maine’s Municipal Land Use and Eminent Domain Laws Regarding Transmission and Distribution Utilities
LD 1449(HP1061)
An Act To Facilitate Compliance with Federal Immigration Law by State and Local Government Entities
LD 1515(HP1108)
An Act To Allow Sports Wagering in Maine
LD 2097(HP1494)
An Act To Establish Requirements for the Construction of Elective Transmission Lines by Transmission and Distribution Utilities
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