Proficiency Based Diplomas are likely to become a thing of the past in school districts all across Maine after LD 1666 was signed into law today. LD 1666 removes the mandate on Maine school districts that required them to issue proficiency based diplomas. Removing this mandate puts local school boards, teachers and parents back in the driver’s seat when it comes to how students all across Maine learn at our public schools…. Read More

Once again, the Maine House convened for nearly 12 hours yesterday without being allowed to vote on LD 1655, a bill to conform Maine’s tax code to the changes made at the federal level which would provide roughly $40 million in tax relief for Maine families and businesses. The Speaker of the House has full discretion and final say when it comes to what bills are brought forward for a vote. She has repeatedly… Read More

AUGUSTA – Republican state representatives and state senators from York County on Tuesday sent an open letter of support to Kittery Trading Post president Kevin Adams in response to Democratic lawmakers’ threats to boycott and protest the beloved sporting goods store. “As we celebrate Independence Day this year, we cherish especially our constitutional right to bear arms, which is under attack across our great nation,” said Rep. Heidi Sampson (R-Alfred).  “These Democratic… Read More

With critically important issues like tax conformity and a transportation bond still left unresolved, House Republicans are not overly concerned with how politicians will finance their campaigns. This once again puts  House Republicans at odds with other legislators in Augusta who have chosen clean elections funding as their top priority. This afternoon in the House, LD 1655, a tax conformity bill that would provide tax relief to the Maine people and Maine businesses… Read More

After a unanimous agreement was reached this week by the members of the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee on a package to address the needs of the people of Maine, House Republican leaders have polled the caucus with regard to returning for a special session. In response to the poll, a sufficient number of House Republicans have agreed to return to the state house next week for a special session. Below is… Read More

This Election Day, polling locations across the state are being inundated with candidates for various political offices collecting $5 checks for “clean elections” at their local polling locations. In some cases, candidates have set up tables just a few feet away from the polls with large signs simply asking: “Do You Want To Fund Clean Elections?” without informing the voters that, as the candidate, they are the beneficiary of the money they’re… Read More

Advocate’s email outlines House Democrat’s stall tactics and obstructionism The Maine Legislature will be back in session tomorrow morning to take up a number of gubernatorial vetoes, but according to an email sent by substance abuse advocate Malory Shaughnessy to other state house advocates and lobbyists, Speaker of the House Sara Gideon is urging advocates not to work with House Republicans to solve many of the unresolved issues remaining before the legislature…. Read More

Tuesday, Democrats in the Maine House killed a bill that would have asked Maine voters if they wanted to allow Mainers living in the Second Congressional District to have a say in the referendum questions that appear on the ballot. LD 31 would have asked voters if they want to amend the Maine Constitution to require that an equal number of signatures required to qualify a referendum for the ballot come from… Read More

Rep. Brad Farrin of Norridgewock was joined by representatives from the Maine Bureau of Veterans Services, a bipartisan group of legislators and medical professionals from Maine at a press conference celebrating LD 1327 becoming law.   LD 1327 “An Act To Allow Former Military Medical Personnel To Perform Certain Medical Services” became law on March 4. The bill gives former United States Army medics, United States Air Force medical technicians, United States… Read More

On Tuesday, February 27, Rep. Patrick Corey (R) of Windham will propose an emergency bill that would make sweeping enhancements to the overall safety to Maine’s public schools. The measure is awaiting approval by the Legislative Council as an after deadline bill.  Rep. Corey has worked closely with the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine on an outline of what the legislation will include.   The bill would: Provide 20 million dollar General Obligation… Read More