Proudly Serving House District 99:

Brooks, Burnham, Freedom, Jackson, Knox, Monroe, Thorndike, Troy & Unity

MaryAnne Kinney of Knox was elected for a first term in November of 2014.

A 1990 graduate of Edward Little High School, Representative Kinney currently works as a maple syrup producer on her farm in Knox and has held a wide variety of jobs in the past. She has worked as a truck driver, pharmacy technician and a credit analyst in the past.

She also finds the time in her busy schedule to serve her community as a member of several important organizations. She is a member of the Maine Farm Bureau, MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association), NRA and the Maple Producers Association.

In her spare time she enjoys crafting, scrapbooking, knitting, photography, playing guitar and reading.

Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry

The Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry oversees the Department of  Agriculture, Conservation  and Forestry; agricultural development; agricultural fairs, products and marketing; animal control and welfare; harness racing; food policy; food safety, inspection and labeling; dairy industry; pest management and pesticides regulation; industrial hemp; state parks, historic sites, public lands and submerged lands; Maine Land Use Planning Commission; geological surveying and mapping; Maine Forest Service; timber harvesting; industrial hemp; the Land for Maine’s Future Program; and Baxter State Park.

Excerpts from the Village Soup:

“That’s how I got into politics,” she said. “I started coming to Augusta to weigh in on bills that affect maple producers around the state, have been involved with the Maine Farm Bureau since before I took office six years ago, and want to continue working to strengthen our agricultural economy going forward.”

“I have also worked with legislators on both sides of the aisle to reduce regulations that hurt small farmers in our state, such as exempting animal bedding from posting limits during mud season,” she said. “It seems like a small thing, but there are all kinds of small things that impact our farms and their future that most people just don’t see.”

Veterans & Legal Affairs

This committee reviews legislation pertaining to Alcoholic beverage laws; adult-use marijuana regulation; lottery; for profit and nonprofit gambling, including games of chance, beans and raffles; slot machines, gaming devices; harness racing and off-track betting; election laws; campaign practices; campaign financing and disclosures; the Maine Clean Election Act; voter registration; direct initiatives and people’s veto; legislative ethics; lobbyist registration and reporting; Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices; veterans’ programs; Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management Services (except the Maine Emergency Management Agency); Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations; Gambling Control Board; and Maine National Guard.

Constituent Services

Congratulatory letters, Legislative Sentiments, flags flown over the Capitol, assistance with state departments, general comments or questions about legislative matters. 

Contact Information

Mail: 2 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04330


Legislative Office: (207) 287-144

Sponsored Legislation (2019-2020)

LD 15(HP16)
An Act To Provide for Municipalities To Allow Grocery Stores up to 10,000 Square Feet To Open on Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas
LD 33(HP34)
An Act To Establish a Thanksgiving Youth Turkey Hunting Season
LD 34(HP35)
An Act To Exempt Fraternal and Veterans’ Organizations from Cribbage Tournament Licensing Requirements
LD 58(HP55)
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Extend the Terms of Legislators to 4 Years
LD 86(HP72)
An Act To Provide That Persons Who Produce Maple Syrup and Honey Commercially Are Eligible for the Sales Tax Refund and Exemption for Commercial Agricultural Production
LD 91(HP77)
An Act To Eliminate Gross Metering
LD 106(SP34)
An Act To Amend the Maine Veterinary Practice Act Relating to Alternative Therapy or Collaborative Treatment
LD 221(HP184)
An Act To Reduce the Cost of Automobile Repairs by Eliminating the Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Requirement
LD 292(HP216)
An Act To Feed Maine’s Residents by Allowing Dairy Dealers and Producers in the State To Donate Fresh Milk to Food Banks in the State
LD 374(HP283)
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require That Signatures on a Direct Initiative of Legislation Come from Each State Senatorial District
LD 414(HP323)
An Act To Provide Intensive Case Managers to Counties That Do Not Have County Jails or Regional Jails
LD 424(HP333)
An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Exemption for Baling Twine, Net and Wrapping for Hay
LD 426(HP335)
An Act To Increase the Beverage Container Redemption Reimbursement To Offset Minimum Wage Increases
LD 442(SP120)
An Act To Set Speed Limits for All-terrain Vehicles on Trails within 50 Yards of a Stream or Pond To Prevent Runoff
LD 497(SP162)
An Act Regarding the Providing of Human Food Waste to Swine Producers
LD 524(HP381)
Resolve, Regarding the Promotion of Composting
LD 528(HP385)
An Act To Increase the Number of Clubs in Penobscot County That May Be Issued a Special Dog Training Area License
LD 751(HP556)
An Act To Reinstate the State Property Tax Deferral Program for Maine’s Senior Homeowners
LD 785(SP229)
Resolve, Directing the Board of Pesticides Control To Educate the Public on the Proper Use of Pesticides and To Promote Integrated Pest Management
LD 797(HP585)
An Act To Limit Greenhouse Gas Pollution and Effectively Use Maine’s Natural Resources
LD 822(HP596)
An Act To Prohibit the Sale of Motor Fuel Containing More than 10% Ethanol
LD 911(SP265)
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Promote Land Conservation, Working Waterfronts, Water Access and Outdoor Recreation
LD 948(HP703)
An Act To Restrict Ordinances That Affect the Posting of Property for Municipal and Private Land
LD 971(HP726)
An Act To Encourage the Purchase and Sale of Locally Grown and Raised Crops and Products
LD 981(HP736)
An Act To Implement the State’s Recently Approved Request for a Section 1115 Demonstration for MaineCare
LD 1014(SP293)
An Act To Attract and Retain Firefighters
LD 1066(HP789)
An Act To Address Municipal Conflicts of Interest
LD 1073(HP796)
Resolve, To Implement an Intensive Drug Treatment Court Pilot Project in the Midcoast
LD 1168(HP851)
Resolve, To Improve Maine’s Response to Childhood Trauma
LD 1171(SP357)
An Act To Prevent Sexual and Domestic Violence and To Support Survivors
LD 1186(HP860)
An Act To Exempt Agricultural Fairs from the Assessment of Demand Charges for Electricity
LD 1193(SP367)
Resolve, Directing the Maine Community College System To Evaluate the Need To Expand Workforce Training Options in Waldo County
LD 1443(HP1055)
An Act To Enact the Senior Property Tax Reimbursement Act
LD 1568(HP1130)
An Act Authorizing the Deorganization of Magalloway Plantation
LD 1626(SP523)
An Act To Implement a Presidential Primary System in Maine
LD 1697(HP1212)
An Act Regarding the Timeliness of Payments to the State
LD 1880(HP1346)
An Act To Repeal and Replace the Canton Water District Charter
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