Proudly Serving House District 23:

Standish (part)

Rep. Lester Ordway

Representative Ordway has been serving the community in Standish as a member of the Standish Town Council, the SAD 6 School Board and the Standish Planning Board. He currently works as an automotive instructor at Central Maine Community College.

Rep. Ordway resides in Standish. He has four children and four grandchildren.

Committee on Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

This Committee has jurisdiction over all new bills pertaining to the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife; inland fisheries and wildlife research and management; hunting; fishing; trapping; hunter safety; fish hatcheries; game wardens; guides; taxidermist licensing; ATVs; snowmobiles; watercraft registration and boater safety; and whitewater rafting.

Constituent Services

Congratulatory letters, Legislative Sentiments, flags flown over the Capitol, assistance with state departments, general comments or questions about legislative matters. 

Contact Information

Mail: 2 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04330


Legislative Office: (207) 287-1440

Sponsored Legislation (2019-2020)

LD 49(HP50)
An Act Regarding the Designation of Traumatic Brain Injury on Driver’s Licenses and Nondriver Identification Cards
LD 77(HP63)
An Act To Increase the Homestead Property Tax Exemption to $50,000 for Persons 75 Years of Age and Older
LD 110(HP92)
An Act Regarding Credit Ratings Related to Overdue Medical Expenses
LD 175(HP138)
An Act To Extend the Deer Hunting Season by 2 Saturdays
LD 185(HP148)
An Act To Provide a Method for a Student To Be Excused from Standardized Testing
LD 210(HP173)
An Act To Increase Technology and Engineering Education for Grades 7 to 12
LD 216(HP179)
An Act To Protect Water Quality by Standardizing the Law Concerning Septic Inspection in the Shoreland Zone
LD 322(HP247)
An Act To Strengthen Maine’s Election Laws by Requiring Photographic Identification for the Purpose of Voting
LD 338(HP263)
An Act To Allow Flexibility in the Deposit Labeling of Metal Returnable Beverage Containers
LD 358(SP98)
An Act To Fully Fund Career and Technical Education for Fiscal Year 2018-19
LD 552(SP174)
An Act Relating to Penalties for an Employer for the Retail Sale of Tobacco Products to a Minor when the Employer Possesses a Driver’s License Reader
LD 617(HP445)
An Act To Increase to 3 the Number of Youth Deer Hunting Days
LD 652(HP473)
An Act To Modify Maine’s Ice Fishing Laws with Respect to Cusk Fishing
LD 654(HP475)
An Act Regarding Instruction in Civics in Secondary Schools
LD 655(HP476)
An Act To Allow Municipalities To Send Separate Tax Bills for Municipal and County and School Taxes
LD 664(HP485)
An Act To Organize Biannual County Meetings for Local School Boards
LD 665(HP486)
An Act To Enact the Campus Free Expression Act
LD 728(HP533)
An Act To Fairly Compensate Registration Stations for Bear, Deer, Moose and Turkey Registrations
LD 745(HP550)
An Act To Support the Northern New England Poison Center
LD 749(HP554)
An Act To Increase the Transparency of the “Maine Open Checkbook” Website
LD 750(HP555)
An Act To Allow Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Instructors To Instruct without State Certification
LD 795(HP583)
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Establish a Right to Food
LD 824(HP598)
An Act To Allow a Municipality To Opt Out of Collecting Personal Property and Business Equipment Taxes
LD 859(HP633)
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund Equipment for Career and Technical Education Centers and Regions
LD 865(HP639)
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Funding Sources of the Maine Controlled Moose Hunt Season
LD 873(HP647)
An Act To Limit Registration Fees on Water Well Drilling Equipment To Encourage Purchasing of Modern Equipment for Rural Well Construction
LD 882(HP656)
Resolve, To Require the Examination of the System of Learning Results
LD 884(HP658)
An Act To Repeal the Board of Licensing of Dietetic Practice
LD 932(HP687)
An Act Regarding Moose Permit Subpermittees
LD 963(HP718)
An Act To Exempt Overtime Pay from Individual Income Tax
LD 981(HP736)
An Act To Implement the State’s Recently Approved Request for a Section 1115 Demonstration for MaineCare
LD 1031(HP761)
An Act To Base the Vehicle and Mobile Home Excise Tax on Actual Value
LD 1044(HP774)
An Act To Advance Children’s Cancer Research in Maine
LD 1077(HP800)
An Act To Ensure Fair Employment Opportunity for Maine Citizens and Legal Residents by Requiring the Use of the Federal Immigration Verification System
LD 1292(HP935)
An Act To Lower Maine’s Individual Income Tax
LD 1302(HP945)
An Act To Remove Vacancy Provisions for Certain Positions in County Government
LD 1307(SP403)
An Act To Promote Snowmobiling in Maine
LD 1369(HP991)
An Act To Create an Additional Pathway To Certify Industrial Arts Teachers To Foster Career and Technical Subjects in Maine Schools
LD 1371(SP426)
An Act To Ensure Nondiscriminatory Treatment of Public, Educational and Governmental Access Channels by Cable System Operators
LD 1425(HP1038)
An Act To Maintain the Integrity of the Department of Education by Prohibiting Its Promotion of Policies and Practices That Are Not Based on Rigorous Peer Review and Analysis, Limiting Acceptance of Private Funding in Implementing and Influencing State Policy and Retaining the Home Rule Powers to School Administrative Units
LD 1515(HP1108)
An Act To Allow Sports Wagering in Maine
LD 1551(HP1126)
An Act To Clarify Fishing Laws between the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the Department of Marine Resources as They Relate to Striped Bass in Inland Waters
LD 1579(HP1141)
An Act To Allow Municipalities To Stock Ponds in Their Areas with Fish
LD 1616(HP1168)
An Act To Establish the Vaccine Consumer Protection Program

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