Rep. Don Marean


Rep. Don Marean is serving his third consecutive term and fifth in the Maine House of Representatives where he has faithfully served the people of House District 16 which includes Buxton (part), Hollis and Saco (part). Rep. Marean served in the 122nd and 123rd Legislatures (2005-2008). He has been appointed to serve on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee in the 128th Legislature. He had served on the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee for the past two years.

Rep. Marean resides in Hollis, where he owned small businesses for 40 years and also served on the Board of Selectmen. He ran for reelection this year to continue to work on Maine’s job shortage and high costs of energy and health care, as well as raise agricultural awareness. He says the most important thing government can do to improve the economy, besides creating a positive business climate, is promoting higher education in specialized fields that will bring in new companies and help existing businesses.

He is a member of the Buxton Masonic Lodge and past chairman of the board of Land for Maine’s Future. He enjoys travel, horses, farming, and public service. Don and his wife, Linda, have three children: Shirley, Dawn, and Christine.

Phone: 207-287-1440

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