Rep. Carol McElwee


Rep. Carol McElwee represents House District 149 which includes  Caribou, New Sweden and Westmanland.

She grew up in Fort Fairfield and later taught English for 35 years, including 27 years at Caribou High School. Carol currently teaches English at an adult education center in Caribou.

She is concerned about the economy in Maine and Aroostook County, in particular, and has a keen interest in preserving family farms and small businesses. “Agriculture is the backbone of Aroostook County, but farmers are struggling with property taxes and other issues,” she said. Rep. McElwee will bring that passion for Maine’s agricultural sustainability to the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee where she has been appointed to serve in the 128th Legislature.

Rep. McElwee is a dedicated athlete who enjoys skiing, golf, kayaking and running, among other sports. She has run six marathons, including the New York Marathon (twice) and the Boston Marathon. Carol ran for office to try to make life a little better for the residents of Caribou.

Phone: 207-287-1440

2 Comments on “Rep. Carol McElwee

  1. I for one am glad the govr is clamping down on welfare abuse. when it is mentioned about the above, the response is always that (you) might need it someday. I say yes and that is what it should be used for. maine could save $$$$$$ if it just charged a small fee for use of emergency at host. if the recepient has no money at least mail a statement so they will see that it cost big $$$$.
    there is my 2 cents.
    john stubbs


  2. just wanted to say hi and I enjoyed our talk at the lake hope all is well eric and pat in Missouri Maine is a beautiful state would love to live there when I retire


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