Proudly Serving House District 5:

Berwick & North Berwick (part)

Representative Beth O’Connor serves on the Committee on Environment & Natural Resources

Previously, Rep. O’Connor has previously served on the Health and Human Services Committee, and the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee.

In addition to her work as a State Representative, Rep. O’Connor has a diverse background where she has worked in Finance, Real Estate as well as the restaurant business. She is also a member of Maine Taxpayers United and formerly served as Director of the SAD 60 School Board.

She makes her home in Berwick where she lives with her husband Edward. They have four children: Noel, Johanna, George and James. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, cooking and reading. 

Environment & Natural Resources

Air and water quality; natural resource protection; site location of development laws, shoreland zoning, subdivisions and growth management; management and disposal of solid, hazardous, biomedical and special wastes; returnable containers; hydropower and dams; waste-to-energy facilities; mining; wind energy development; and general environmental policy, including oversight of the Department of Environmental Protection.

Legislative Updates & Floor Speeches

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Constituent Services

Congratulatory letters, Legislative Sentiments, flags flown over the Capitol, assistance with state departments, general comments or questions about legislative matters. 

Contact Information

Mail: 2 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04330


Legislative Office: (207) 287-1440

Sponsored Legislation (2019-2020

LD 35(HP36)
An Act To Exempt All Disabled Veterans in Maine from All Income Tax and To Increase Their Homestead Exemption to $50,000
LD 41(HP42)
An Act To Replace Net Energy Billing with a Market-based Mechanism
LD 49(HP50)
An Act Regarding the Designation of Traumatic Brain Injury on Driver’s Licenses and Nondriver Identification Cards
LD 77(HP63)
An Act To Increase the Homestead Property Tax Exemption to $50,000 for Persons 75 Years of Age and Older
LD 79(HP65)
An Act To Protect Shooting Ranges
LD 84(HP70)
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Allow Spouses To Provide Home and Community-based Services to Eligible MaineCare Members
LD 85(HP71)
An Act To Establish a Sales Tax Exemption and an Income Tax Deduction for the Purchase of Firearm Safety Devices
LD 179(HP142)
An Act To Change the Name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day
LD 185(HP148)
An Act To Provide a Method for a Student To Be Excused from Standardized Testing
LD 186(HP149)
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Specify the Qualifications of Electors
LD 189(HP152)
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Long-term Care Insurance
LD 190(HP153)
An Act To Provide Antlerless Deer Permits to Senior Resident Lifetime Hunting License Holders
LD 203(HP166)
Resolve, To Add a Safety Fence to the Penobscot Narrows Bridge
LD 297(HP221)
An Act To Strengthen Brain Injury Resources for Underserved Populations, Including Opioid Overdose Brain Injury Survivors
LD 309(HP233)
An Act To Eliminate the Regional Adjustment for Public School Systems
LD 343(HP269)
An Act To Promote Equity in Business Opportunity for Tobacco Specialty Stores
LD 347(HP273)
An Act To Provide Sustainable Funding for Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
LD 358(SP98)
An Act To Fully Fund Career and Technical Education for Fiscal Year 2018-19
LD 488(SP153)
An Act To Provide Campground Owners Immunity from Liability for the Inherent Risks of Camping
LD 504(HP361)
An Act To Enhance the Development of Innovative Career and Technical Education Programs
LD 541(HP398)
Resolve, To Reduce Food Waste in Schools
LD 589(HP433)
Resolve, Directing the State Board of Education To Adopt Rules Prohibiting Teachers in Public Schools from Engaging in Political, Ideological or Religious Advocacy in the Classroom
LD 655(HP476)
An Act To Allow Municipalities To Send Separate Tax Bills for Municipal and County and School Taxes
LD 659(HP480)
An Act Regarding the Use of Interchangeable Biological Products
LD 665(HP486)
An Act To Enact the Campus Free Expression Act
LD 725(HP530)
An Act To Provide an Income Tax Credit To Encourage Small Business Hiring
LD 795(HP583)
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Establish a Right to Food
LD 822(HP596)
An Act To Prohibit the Sale of Motor Fuel Containing More than 10% Ethanol
LD 882(HP656)
Resolve, To Require the Examination of the System of Learning Results
LD 884(HP658)
An Act To Repeal the Board of Licensing of Dietetic Practice
LD 899(HP663)
An Act To Increase Access to Health Care by Attracting Qualified Physicians to Maine
LD 948(HP703)
An Act To Restrict Ordinances That Affect the Posting of Property for Municipal and Private Land
LD 965(HP720)
An Act To Restrict Cell Phone Use by Students While in School
LD 970(HP725)
An Act To Encourage Policies Regarding Accessory Dwelling Units under Local Comprehensive Plans and Zoning Requirements
LD 981(HP736)
An Act To Implement the State’s Recently Approved Request for a Section 1115 Demonstration for MaineCare
LD 987(SP277)
An Act To Provide Autonomy for Health Care Providers To Practice Patient-centered Care by Amending the Laws Governing Medical Exemptions to Immunization Requirements
LD 1027(HP757)
An Act To Eliminate the 100-megawatt Limit on Hydroelectric Generators under the Renewable Resources Laws
LD 1031(HP761)
An Act To Base the Vehicle and Mobile Home Excise Tax on Actual Value
LD 1044(HP774)
An Act To Advance Children’s Cancer Research in Maine
LD 1105(HP809)
An Act To Allow Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists To Administer an Auricular Acupuncture Treatment for Addiction
LD 1112(HP816)
An Act To Provide Employee Vaccination Compensation
LD 1213(HP877)
An Act To Repeal the Ranked-choice Voting Law
LD 1232(HP893)
An Act To Ensure the Right To Work without Payment of Dues or Fees to a Labor Union as a Condition of Employment
LD 1244(HP905)
An Act To Authorize the Gambling Control Board To Accept an Application from the Passamaquoddy Tribe To Operate 50 Slot Machines in the Tribe’s High-stakes Beano Facility
LD 1255(HP916)
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require Referenda To Receive 60 Percent of the Vote To Become Law
LD 1292(HP935)
An Act To Lower Maine’s Individual Income Tax
LD 1302(HP945)
An Act To Remove Vacancy Provisions for Certain Positions in County Government
LD 1325(SP413)
An Act To Allow Workplace Substance Use Testing for Fentanyl, Hydromorphone, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone and Oxymorphone Use at the Employer’s Discretion
LD 1351(SP419)
An Act To Allow for the Recovery and Redistribution of Food in Public Schools
LD 1371(SP426)
An Act To Ensure Nondiscriminatory Treatment of Public, Educational and Governmental Access Channels by Cable System Operators
LD 1422(HP1035)
An Act Regarding Conditions in Correctional Facilities for Female Prisoners
LD 1425(HP1038)
An Act To Maintain the Integrity of the Department of Education by Prohibiting Its Promotion of Policies and Practices That Are Not Based on Rigorous Peer Review and Analysis, Limiting Acceptance of Private Funding in Implementing and Influencing State Policy and Retaining the Home Rule Powers to School Administrative Units
LD 1438(HP1050)
An Act To Clarify the Intent of Referendum Questions for Voters
LD 1444(HP1056)
An Act To Make the Distance to Schools for Marijuana Establishments Consistent with the Liquor Laws
LD 1449(HP1061)
An Act To Facilitate Compliance with Federal Immigration Law by State and Local Government Entities
LD 1450(HP1062)
Resolve, To Mitigate the Increasing Waiting List for Services under the MaineCare Section 21 Waiver Program
LD 1512(HP1105)
An Act Regarding Persons Who Are Found Not Criminally Responsible and Are Sent out of State for Treatment
LD 1515(HP1108)
An Act To Allow Sports Wagering in Maine
LD 1531(HP1114)
An Act To Establish the Maine Food System Investment Program To Create Quality Jobs and Support Farms, Fisheries and Food-related Businesses
LD 1616(HP1168)
An Act To Establish the Vaccine Consumer Protection Program
LD 1621(SP518)
An Act To Allow Delivery of Adult Use Marijuana and Adult Use Marijuana Products by an Approved Marijuana Store
LD 1651(HP1187)
An Act To Promote Equitable and Responsible Broadband Investment
LD 1653(HP1189)
Resolve, Establishing the Conference To Address and Improve Relations between Maine Indian Tribes and the Legislature
LD 1661(SP538)
An Act To Create the Drug Donation and Redispensing Program
LD 1662(SP539)
An Act To Save Lives by Establishing the Low Barrier Opioid Treatment Response Program
LD 1669(HP1196)
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Help Ensure That Direct Initiatives of Legislation Are Compatible with the Constitution of Maine and Statutory Law
LD 1735(SP577)
An Act To Clarify the Pathway for a Registered Dispensary under the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act To Become a For-profit Entity
LD 1772(HP1259)
An Act To Secure Transitions to Economic Prosperity for Maine Families and Children
LD 1774(HP1261)
An Act To Reduce Child Poverty by Leveraging Investments so Families Can Thrive
LD 1968(HP1412)
An Act To Restrict Maine Clean Election Act Candidates from Seeking or Accepting Employment with Vendors
LD 1976(SP678)
An Act To Help Retain School Bus Drivers
LD 1991(SP693)
An Act To Prohibit the Sale of Drug Paraphernalia That Encourage Drug Use by Young People
LD 2096(HP1493)
An Act To Save Lives by Capping the Out-of-pocket Cost of Certain Medications
LD 2135(HP1525)
An Act To Amend the Definition of “Tobacco Product” To Exclude Matches and Lighters
LD 2141(HP1529)
Resolve, To Ensure Continued Services for Children with Disabilities by Imposing a Delay on MaineCare Rulemaking until an Impact Study Is Completed
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