Rep. Sue Austin

Rep. Austin is beginning her sixth term in the Maine House of Representatives where she represents the people of House District 67 which includes parts of Gray, Casco, Raymond and Frye Island. She has been appointed the House Republican Lead on the Labor Commerce, Research and Economic Development Committee for the 128th Legislature after serving on the committee for the past two years.

Rep. Austin also served in the Maine House from 2002-2010. During that tenure, she served on the Business, Research and Economic Development Committee and achieved a 100% voting and attendance record.

She has always been very active in her community serving on a wide variety of boards and committees including five terms on the MSAD 15 School Board. She has also served on the Pineland Conversion Committee, Crystal Lake Association and is a Maine Wildlife Park Advocate.

Rep. Austin is a physical fitness enthusiast who believes in hard work. She lives in her hometown of Gray with her husband Ernie. The couple has four children.

Bills sponsored by Rep. Austin during the 127th Maine Legislature:

LD 510 – “An Act To Increase the Number of Container Options for Breweries” – This bill removes the requirement that beer dispensed by a brewery at its on-premises location for off-premises consumption be in bottles with labels unique to the brewery. LD 510 Details

LD 914 – “An Act To Amend the Public Accountancy Laws” – This bill amends definitions under Maine’s accountancy laws and makes conforming changes to the accountancy laws regarding attest services to reflect the most recent version of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and National Association of State Boards of Accountancy Uniform Accountancy Act. LD 914 Details

Phone: 207-287-1440

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