Rep. Paul Chace


Rep. Paul Chace is beginning his second term in the Maine House of Representatives where he represents the people of House District 46 which includes the towns of Durham, North Yarmouth and part of Pownal.

He’s been assigned to serve on the Health and Human Services Committee during the 128th Maine Legislature after serving on the Taxation Committee in the 127th Legislature.

Rep. Chace is a licensed pharmacist and earned his degree in pharmacy from the University of Rhode Island.
He lives in Durham with his wife Karen where he spends most of his spare time outdoors as an avid hunter, fisherman, boater and hiker.

Some of of the legislation sponsored by Rep. Chace:

LD 799: “An Act To Stimulate the Economy and Invigorate the Hunting Industry by Establishing a Pilot Project To Allow Hunting on Sundays in Limited Areas” –

This bill would have allowed a pilot project until January 1, 2018 hunting on Sundays in wildlife management districts 1 to 14, 17, 19 and 28 for any species during the open season on that species. This bill would have also required the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to submit by January 1, 2017 a report to the joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over inland fisheries and wildlife matters regarding the status of the pilot project and recommendations as to whether the project should be expanded, modified, reduced or terminated.

For More Information On LD 799

LD 141: “An Act To Amend the Definition of “Health Care Practitioner” in the Maine Health Security Act To Include Pharmacists” – This bill adds pharmacists to the definition of “health care practitioner” under the Maine Health Security Act.

For More Information On LD 141 Click Here

For a complete list of bills sponsored by Rep. Chace Click Here

Phone: 287-1440

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