Rep. Garrel Craig


Rep. Garel Craig is entering his first term in the Maine House of Representatives where he represents House District 128 which includes part of Brewer.

He has been appointed to serve on the Insurance and Financial Services Committee in the 128th Legislature.

Rep. Craig lives in Brewer with his wife Judy. They have two children.

Some of the legislation sponsored by Rep. Craig includes:

LD 1431 – “An Act To Dedicate a Portion of the Tax on the Sale of Marijuana to Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment, Law Enforcement Costs and Regulatory Oversight.”

This bill sought to establish the Substance Abuse Education, Prevention and Treatment Fund to provide funding for:

1. Programs for education regarding prevention of and support and treatment for substance abuse, including the prevention of marijuana use by minors;

2. Regulatory oversight of the retail marijuana industry; and

3. Increased costs to law enforcement agencies and the courts associated with the retail marijuana industry.

The fund is administered by the Department of Health and Human Services and disbursed based on the recommendations of the Substance Abuse Services Commission.

The fund is funded by an increase in the tax imposed on the retail sale of marijuana and marijuana products from 10% to 15%, an increase on the tax imposed on medical marijuana from 5.5% to 15% and a wholesale tax imposed on the sale of marijuana and marijuana products for retail sale of 3%. Five percent of the revenue from these taxes is deposited in the Substance Abuse Education, Prevention and Treatment Fund; the balance is deposited in the General Fund.

LD 360 “An Act To Allow Consumers To Shop for Credit without Damaging Their Credit Scores.”

This bill sought to prohibit a consumer reporting agency from considering the number of credit inquiries made by a consumer or on behalf of a consumer as a factor in the calculation of a consumer’s credit score.



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