Proudly Serving House District 100:

Corinna, Dixmont, Etna (Part), Newport, Plymouth

Representative Danny Costain serves on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee

Rep. Costain graduated from Old Town High School before joining the Maine Air National Guard. He graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and worked as a police officer for more than 30 years.

He serves as the Chairman of Sebasticook Valley Federal Credit Union and is a member of  the Free and Accepted Masons; Director Of Anah Shrine; and serves on the Board of Directors of the New England Belted Galloway Group.

He and his wife Lanci have been married for 23 years and own several small businesses in Newport. They have two children and four granddaughters.

In his spare time, he works with the kids of the Penobscot 4-H Livestock Group.

Committee on Criminal Justice & Public Safety

This committee reviews legislation pertaining to Maine Criminal Code; Maine Juvenile Code; Maine Bail Code; criminal law and criminal procedure; criminal history record information; domestic violence; human trafficking; sex trafficking; sentencing; Criminal Law Advisory Commission; Department of Public Safety; law enforcement; Criminal Justice Academy; victims’ rights; Victims Compensation Fund; Department of Corrections; adult and juvenile corrections; intensive supervision; probation and parole; county jails; community corrections; adult-use marijuana crimes; operating under the influence; operating after suspension; habitual offenders; fire safety and arson; firefighters and emergency responders; firearms; concealed handgun permits; private investigators; security guards; amusement rides; and Maine Emergency Management Agency.

Constituent Services

Congratulatory letters, Legislative Sentiments, flags flown over the Capitol, assistance with state departments, general comments or questions about legislative matters. 

Contact Information

Mail: 2 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04330


Legislative Office: (207) 287-1440

Sponsored Legislation (2019-2020)

LD 83(HP69)
An Act To Amend the Law Regarding Resale by a Motor Vehicle Dealer To Permit the Dealer To Use a Copy of a Certificate of Title
LD 141(HP123)
An Act To Promote Highway Safety by Restricting the Use of Marijuana and Possession of an Open Marijuana Container in a Vehicle
LD 263(SP75)
An Act To Prohibit Certain Sex Offenders from Establishing Residence in Certain Multiunit Residential Buildings in which Minors Reside
LD 264(SP76)
An Act Regarding the Taking of a Blood Sample from an Operator of a Motor Vehicle Involved in a Fatal Accident
LD 265(SP77)
An Act To Increase Opportunities for Hunters, Anglers and Sporting Camps by Extending the Seasons on Upland Game
LD 351(HP277)
An Act To Ensure Accuracy in the Labeling of Maine Meat and Poultry
LD 415(HP324)
An Act To Enhance the Retired County and Municipal Law Enforcement Officers and Municipal Firefighters Health Insurance Program
LD 430(HP339)
An Act To Establish and Promote a System of Safe Disposal of Expired Marine Flares
LD 456(SP134)
An Act To Strengthen the Qualifications for County Sheriffs
LD 523(HP380)
An Act To Permit the Indoor Production of Industrial Hemp
LD 540(HP397)
An Act Regarding Qualifications for District Attorneys
LD 545(SP167)
An Act To Ban Child Marriage
LD 648(HP469)
An Act To Improve Reporting of Operating Under the Influence Offenses
LD 804(HP592)
An Act To Ensure Programming for Long-term Incarcerations at County Jails
LD 826(HP600)
An Act Regarding Motor Vehicle Registration Plate Numbers
LD 871(HP645)
An Act To Establish the Crime of Endangering the Welfare of a Child by Transferring Illegal Drugs through Breast Milk
LD 1081(SP313)
An Act To Impose Further Restrictions on where Marijuana May Be Smoked
LD 1088(SP320)
An Act Regarding the Maine Law Enforcement Memorial
LD 1111(HP815)
An Act Regarding Driver’s License Suspensions for Criminal Negligence
LD 1114(SP333)
An Act To Humanely Treat Animals Trapped in Buildings
LD 1332(HP960)
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require State and Congressional Elections To Be Decided by a Plurality of Votes Cast
LD 1385(SP429)
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Corrections Officers Who Suffer Certain Injuries, Impairments or Medical Conditions
LD 1471(SP451)
Resolve, To Name the Route 7 Bridge in Corinna in Honor of PFC Paul Earl Sudsbury
LD 1485(HP1087)
An Act To Create an At-risk Persons Program in Maine
LD 1576(HP1138)
An Act To Improve the Department of Corrections’ Response to Emergency Situations by Including Vehicles Operated by Certain Department Employees in the Definition of Authorized Emergency Vehicles
LD 1664(SP541)
An Act To Place Funds for the Retired County and Municipal Law Enforcement Officers and Municipal Firefighters Health Insurance Program into a Trust
LD 1674(SP545)
An Act To Amend the Laws Concerning the Retired County and Municipal Law Enforcement Officers and Municipal Firefighters Health Insurance Program
LD 2016(HP1437)
An Act Regarding School Discipline for Maine’s Youngest Students
LD 2043(HP1454)
An Act To Reclassify Certain Offenses under the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Laws and Motor Vehicle Laws and Increase the Efficiency of the Criminal Justice System
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