Heavy-handed approach runs counter to 20+ years of established budget precedent STATE HOUSE – Legislative Republicans held a press conference in Augusta today to call attention to Democrat plans to invoke a little known budget gimmick that will effectively end the bipartisan work that produced a Supplemental Budget that passed overwhelmingly in the Senate and 139-1 in the House earlier this month.    Democrats will pass the so-called “Majority Budget” on March 30;… Read More

Public opinion and lobbying by Republicans paved the way for a bipartisan Supplemental Budget. This is House Republican Leader Kathleen Dillingham of Oxford with the Weekly Republican Radio Address. This past week, the Legislature finally met in person at the Augusta Civic Center to take up pieces of legislation and pass a Supplemental Budget. It was the second time the full House and Senate have convened since they adjourned March 17, 2020,… Read More

Against all odds, public support allows Republicans to prevail on Supplemental Budget AUGUSTA CIVIC CENTER- After weeks of advocating for conformity with federal COVID tax relief aimed at preserving Maine jobs, House Republicans tonight expressed relief that the Governor and full legislature have fully funded federal tax relief designed to help employers and employees survive the pandemic and preserve jobs. Governor Mills originally proposed taking $100 million from Maine employer and employees as new tax revenue to fund additional government spending…. Read More

House Republicans are encouraged that the Senate President and House Speakerhave finally called for an in-person, legislative session March 10 and possibly 11.This development is needed and long overdue. This is Representative Jim Thorne of Carmel with the Weekly Republican RadioAddress. Since the last Legislature adjourned March 17, 2020, the full House and Senatehave convened only once, December 2, to swear in the new Legislature at theAugusta Civic Center. Legislators have worked… Read More

House Republicans continue to fight for fairness, the survival of Maine businesses, Maine jobs, social institutions, in-person learning, and a safe restoration of our Maine way of life. This is Representative Meldon “Mikey” Carmichael of Greenbush with the Weekly Republican Radio Address. One of many negative side-effects of unilateral, ongoing emergency orders is that it allows government to pick winners and losers.  That is not fair in a country governed by a… Read More

This is Representative Ted Kryzak with the Weekly Republican Radio Address. Over the last two-weeks, my colleagues and I on the Tax Committee have been focused on the Supplemental Budget proposed by Governor Mills that would bring our overall budget into balance as is constitutionally required. We are disappointed that as proposed currently, the Administration is proposing to tax the monies our small businesses received from the Paycheck Protections Program (PPP) as… Read More

A REPUBLIC IF YOU CAN KEEP IT By the Hon. Richard M. Cebra In October of 1964 Ronald Reagan gave his landmark speech generally known as the “A Time for Choosing” speech. In that speech Reagan famously stated: “This is the issue of this election: Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American Revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can… Read More

Hello this is State Representative Sue Bernard from Caribou.This is the last House Republican radio address of 2020. What a year. It started off with so much potential, but ended after so much heartache, fear anddifficult adjustments. As we look forward to 2021, we will take stock of our difficulties and losses butespecially at this time of year, we must also count our blessings. We are Americans. We are Mainers. We are… Read More

Maine people have a right to be heard. This is Rep. Peter Lyford of Eddington with the Republican Weekly Radio Address. It’s been nine months since the 129th adjourned. Now, a new legislature has been sworn in. We have a new Speaker, eleven more Republicans, and no House Republican incumbents lost this past election. House Republicans are still far short of the numbers needed to force Governor Mills, or legislative Democrats, to… Read More

Good afternoon, this is House Republican Leader Kathleen Dillingham.   Our state has just come through a grueling campaign season where we saw an unprecedented amount of money spent on mailings, our airways, and we were bombarded with negative politics at its worst.  We still have an unsettled campaign at the federal level. We have seen an increase in positive COVID tests in our State, which have led to even more executive orders… Read More