Legislation would amend decades old statute REMOTELY/FROM HOME – House Republican Leader Kathleen Dillingham (R-Oxford) has submitted legislation seeking to change a decades old law, last amended in 2011, granting the Executive broad emergency powers and proposes legislative approval of emergency order extensions. Consideration of the proposed legislation would require the legislature to reconvene. Thus far, the Governor and Presiding Officers have resisted calls to return to Augusta to consider any pieces… Read More

Hello, this is State Representative Abbie Griffin of Levant with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.There has been some government movement since our last address two weeks ago.  At that time, we were still anticipating the COVID-19 worst case scenario.For over 60 of Maine’s 1.3 million people, that happened. Collectively, we mourn their passing and pray for their families and loved ones.Mainers have risen to the occasion to limit the number of fatalities… Read More

Legislative Republicans issued a letter, calling on Speaker Gideon and President Jackson to reconvene the Legislature for the sole purpose of removing Governor Mills’s Civil Emergency powers. May 2, 2020 President Troy Jackson3 State House StationAugusta, ME 04333Speaker Sara Gideon2 State House StationAugusta, ME 04333 Dear President Jackson and Speaker Gideon, We write to ask that you call the Legislature back in to session under Maine Constitution Article IV Part III Section… Read More

Governor’s “solution” worse than the problem Like most Mainers, I deferred to the scientists and health experts when the coronavirus arrived in the United States and to a lesser extent, Maine. My fellow legislators acted quickly on COVID-19 related legislation, tabled other items, and went home to shelter in place and practice social distancing. Even two weeks ago, I believed that continuing the stay at home order made sense. The situation has… Read More

JOINT STATEMENT FROM MAINE HOUSE & SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADERS In the interest of the health of their neighbors, friends and families, Mainers have sacrificed their livelihoods, their right to assemble, their social and personal freedoms.  Citizens have risen to the challenge and we commend each for the part they have played in flattening the COVID-19 curve. Citizens and Maine businesses have learned how to safely operate. We can apply that knowledge going forward…. Read More

Hello this is Representative Gary Drinkwater with this week’s Republican radio address. Nearly two weeks ago the majority of Republican Legislators sent a joint letter to the Governor expressing our many concerns we have with the Department of Labor and the Department of Economic and Community Development and their response to the Governors executive orders.  To date, we have not been given the courtesy of a response to any of the concerns raised.  Collectively,… Read More

Message from House Republican Leader Kathleen Dillingham: It is becoming increasingly clear that the Emergency and Stay at Home Orders are creating deep divisions between our neighbors, friends, and even families. I believe we can all agree that we have the following goals in common: 1. Ensure our citizens, particularly those with underlying health conditions and those in assisted living facilities, are safe. 2. Work in a bipartisan fashion to safely restore… Read More

On April 16, legislative Republicans submitted a letter to the Governor voicing their own concerns along with questions from their constituents. The original intent was to allow the Governor to respond, rather than communicate through press releases. News organizations have subsequently obtained the letter with plans to report on it. Therefore, we are making it available, unfiltered, for the public to see.

Hello, this is Paul Stearns, State Representative from Guilford, with the Weekly Republican Radio Address. Since the Maine Legislature passed COVID-19 related legislation on March 17, then abruptly adjourned, House Republicans have been working from home. Our primary goal has been to educate the Maine public on what is happening at the state and federal level to address COVID-19. We have been respectful and generally supportive of actions taken by the Administration…. Read More

Hi, this is House Republican Leader Kathleen Dillingham from my homein Oxford to deliver this week’s Republican Radio Address.Normally I have the assistance of my very talented staff in Augusta toassist with this, but we are each trying to do what we can to lessen thespread of COVID-19 and so, I am going it alone today. With the pandemic outbreak of this virus, we are in the midst ofunprecedented times. Collectively, our… Read More