Plan would ease the tax burden by providing more revenue for municipalities Tuesday, April 27, 2015 Rep. Wayne Parry (R) of Arundel will introduce a bill today to help provide income tax relief for Mainers through expanded gaming opportunities. LD 1280 An Act To Provide Income Tax Relief by Expanding Gaming Opportunities would establish a commission to begin soliciting bids for a new casino in either Cumberland or York County. “The decision… Read More

Tuesday, April 27, 2015 Augusta – Rep. Karen Vachon of Scarborough is introducing legislation she hopes will help to preserve Maine’s rich harness racing tradition. LD 1213 An Act To Ensure Fair Competition by and between Maine’s Commercial Tracks would eliminate the deadline for local approval for the operation of slot machines or a casino at a commercial track in Maine. Among other things, the bill would also provide a commercial track… Read More

Rep. Ricky Long’s Amendment Creates Transitional Period For Return of Jails to Counties Augusta – The Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee this afternoon held a work session on LD 186, “An Act to Reverse Jail Consolidation,” sponsored by Senator Paul Davis (R-Piscataquis). At the work session, the committee deliberated an amendment proposed by Representative Ricky Long (R-Aroostook) which would effectively create a transitional period to ease the financial burden a consolidation… Read More

Improper referencing puts Maine women at risk Augusta – Maine Democrats in the House of Representatives have chosen politics over the safety of women. This morning, House Democrats voted to ignore the Maine Senate and improperly reference a bill regarding licensure to the Judiciary Committee in a desperate attempt to paint it as an “abortion bill.” This unprecedented action came after the bill’s sponsor’s vehement objection and her explanation to her colleagues… Read More

Measure advances after 7-4 vote of Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development Committee Augusta – Both Republican and Democratic members of the Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development advanced a measure sponsored by Rep. Deb Sanderson, (R) from Chelsea that expands treatment for Lyme disease sufferers. The vote came this afternoon after an amendment mirroring a law currently on the books in Massachusetts was introduced. LD 422 would prohibit the Board of… Read More

April 21, 2015 Augusta – Republican leaders in the House and Senate have all signed on as cosponsors to LR 1983, “Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Eliminate the Income Tax, Governor LePage’s proposal to amend the Maine Constitution effectively eliminating the State income tax by 2020. The following are statements from Republican leadership: Rep. Ken Fredette (R) Newport – House Republican Leader: “We have said since the beginning… Read More

Bill offers tuition waivers for the men and women of the Maine National Guard Augusta – House Republican Leader Rep. Ken Fredette of Newport is honored to sponsor a bill that would make it easier for our state’s National Guard members earn a college degree. LD 1343 would provide a 100 percent tuition waiver at any school in the University of Maine System, Maine Community College System and the Maine Maritime Academy… Read More

The Maine People’s Alliance, a leftist group that is essentially a well-funded arm of the Maine Democratic Party, hosted a rally to support a job-killing wage mandate earlier today at the Maine State House. House Republicans remain steadfast in their strong and vehement opposition to any sort of blunt wage mandate from the Maine Legislature. “House Republicans plan to stand up for the thousands of people, especially those folks in rural Maine… Read More

Unnecessary amendment could derail plans to provide more treatment options Augusta – A bill designed to help expand access to treatment for Mainers suffering from Lyme disease is now in danger of being killed due to a potential amendment that would curtail the original intent of the legislation. LD 422 would prohibit the Board of Licensure in Medicine from disciplining a physician or revoking or suspending a physician’s license solely for prescribing,… Read More

Rep. Ward Introduces Bipartisan “Right to Try” Bill Maine can join the growing number of states to pass this type of legislation Augusta – Rep. Karl Ward of Dedham introduced legislation before the Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services to add Maine to the growing number of states that have adopted so-called “Right to Try” bills. This bill, LD 180, and others like it allow terminally ill patients to exhaust… Read More