By Rep. Larry Lockman (R) Amherst My op-ed column, “Democrats Push Extremist Agenda at the Statehouse,” in the Bangor Daily News on May 4 generated a ton of traffic in mostly negative comments on the BDN website and (so far) at least two sharply critical letters to the editor of the BDN. The column also prompted Ellsworth American political columnist Jill Goldthwait to question why I would make such a fuss about… Read More

AUGUSTA – Republican leaders in the Maine Legislature today unveiled a budget proposal that significantly reduces the income tax burden on all Maine citizens, keeps the current sales tax rate of 5.5 percent in place with no expansion of taxable items, and protects programs to help low-income Mainers. The Republican leaders’ plan reduces the income tax burden on Mainers by approximately $380 million over the next two year budget cycle, while keeping… Read More

Bill gets unanimous “Ought to Pass” vote out of committee Augusta – Wednesday afternoon, members of the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee gave unanimous approval to a bill that would give an educational pathway for post-secondary education for members of the Maine National Guard. LD 1343 “An Act To Increase Access to Postsecondary Education for Maine National Guard Members” would provide a 100 percent tuition waiver at any school in the University… Read More

There seems to be a great deal of misinformation swirling around a bill I presented regarding the safety of the women in Maine. It’s a bill that’s being unfairly painted as “anti-abortion” legislation, in some cases by people who know better. I submitted LD 1312, “An Act To License Outpatient Surgical Abortion Facilities” as a proactive measure to help ensure safe access to family planning services for all Maine women. Abortion clinics… Read More

Friday, May 8, 2015 Committee gives green light to plan that eases burden on county taxpayers Augusta – Members of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee approved a new plan to turn over control of the county jails back to the counties. The plan comes after extensive discussions and debate. The amendment to LD 186 was approved Friday in a 6-4 vote (two Republicans have yet to vote) after a true… Read More

If Efficiency Maine Trust gets more money, it needs more accountability Augusta – This morning, House Republicans honored an agreement made with our Democrat colleagues despite the fact that they have failed yet to live up to their end. House Republican Leader Ken Fredette and nearly the entire caucus voted to fix a typo and restore roughly $38 million in Efficiency Maine Trust funding. Rep. Fredette has submitted legislation that would have… Read More

Augusta – Members of the business community and those working to attract business to Maine testified before the Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development Committee on four bills aimed at putting an end to forced unionism in Maine. These bills, known as “right to work” bills, could be a monumental step toward achieving our goal of bringing more businesses, capital investments and at the end of the day good paying jobs to… Read More

Thursday, April 30, 2015 Augusta – After an emotional public hearing that saw family members of the victims of unsolved homicides in Maine testify, the Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary voted unanimously Ought to Pass on LD 1121 “An Act To Fund the Cold Case Homicide Unit in the Department of the Attorney General”. It will next head to the Senate for a vote. The bill was a tribute to the spirit… Read More

Rep. Joel Stetkis penned this Op-Ed that was printed in the Bangor Daily News: Over the last month, in the Maine legislature, we’re once again debating the idea of imposing new government wage mandates. Despite the fact that over the last two decades the minimum wage has been increased on average every two years I still can’t find anyone who has been pulled out of poverty due to the Maine Legislature imposing… Read More

Monday, April 27, 2015 Augusta – At a public hearing in front of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee held this afternoon, a bill sponsored by House Republican Leader, Rep. Ken Fredette of Newport, was introduced that would provide funding to continue a program that helps keep victims of domestic violence safe from their attackers. The program allows judges to order certain domestic violent offenders to where electronic monitoring bracelets while… Read More