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Things are bad enough, now our lobster industry is under attack

This is Representative Laurel Libby of Auburn with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

High energy costs, high taxes, and unprecedented cost increases for everyday items like food, are making Maine increasingly unaffordable for the people who live here.

Even though Democrats are firmly in control of our government, Maine House Republicans have done our best during this time to steer the legislature toward policies that will help. Despite the odds we have had some success in:

These steps ARE NOT ENOUGH, when:

Maine is in worse shape than it was two and four years ago.

This week I want to focus on an area where everyone should agree…

Maine’s lobster industry is vital to our states’ economy, heritage and future.

It is under attack from environmental groups and out-of-state extremists.

Last week, the California-based group red-listed Maine lobster. Their “Seafood Watch” is urging consumers to avoid eating lobster because lobstering allegedly poses a risk to endangered right whales.

That group is now calling for boycotts of national food retailers.

This boycott of Maine lobster is supposed to help the endangered right whale.

It will not. It will only destroy the lives and livelihoods of thousands of Mainers.

It will not help the right whale.  

Maine lobstermen have been at the forefront of right whale conservation for more than 20 years. They are conservationists who have a direct stake in the long-term survival of lobsters and the fishery.

They have implemented several effective changes, including:

The result:

The biggest statistic of all….

NO RIGHT WHALE DEATHS or serious injuries have ever been attributed to Maine lobster gear. 

House Republicans commend those who are speaking out in unison with us against Seafood Watch and efforts to boycott Maine lobster.

Destroying a fishery that employs over 4,000 people and contributes over $1 billion to the Maine economy would be devastating, even if we were not in a recession.

It is just another example of progressive policies that are needlessly destroying lives and livelihoods to pursue agendas that don’t even address the problems they are allegedly trying to solve.

Enough is enough.

Maine House Republicans want you to ask yourself, am I better off than two, even four years ago?

For those at risk in this economy, the answer is clearly NO.

Maine House Republicans have achieved some small, but important victories as the minority party, imagine what Republicans can do if we control state government! 

This has been Rep. Laurel Libby with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.  Thank you for supporting our efforts, listening, subscribing, sharing, and following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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