Tax reform now, refund checks as a last resort

House Republicans have been calling for reducing taxes for months.

House Republicans are pleased that Governor Mills recognizes that government is collecting more via tax revenues than is needed to operate government, and sees the need to return the people’s money back to Mainers struggling to do more with less during the largest jump in consumer price index in forty years.  

This is Representative Jack Ducharme, of Madison, with the weekly Republican radio address.

For months, House Republicans have been calling for structural tax reform so that government stops taking too much of people’s money.

Government should not continue to grow larger as family budgets get smaller.

It is encouraging the Governor would like to return your tax dollars to you, but it should not be used as a campaign stunt. It should be based on serious discussions around tax reform.

What the Governor didn’t say is whether or not she agrees with Republicans that structural tax changes need to be made to stop this from happening in the first place.

Refund checks to Mainers should be a last resort, not a starting point for legislative consideration.

The reality is that until we get a Governor and legislature that, like Republicans,  is committed to tax reform, government will continue to take too much of the people’s hard-earned money, choke off investment, stifle innovation and make things harder on Maine citizens.

The Governor’s attitude is summed up best by her own words.

In her State of the State address, she said;

 “Today, we focus not on telling people what they cannot do. We focus on telling people what they can and should do.”

The people of Maine do not want, or need, the permission of the Governor to live their lives.

We have seen firsthand what that looks like.

HIGHER PRICES for every item necessary for daily life.

Individuals and families are doing more with less, with no end in sight.

The U.S. Labor Department said earlier this week that its producer price index surged 9.7% in January over the same period a year ago.  

This news comes after the same department reported that the Consumer Price Index is up 7.5% from a year ago. That is the largest increase since 1982.

UNEMPLOYMENT in Maine is 80% worse than our neighbor, New Hampshire.

New Hampshire’s rate is 2.6%, Vermont’s is 2.5%, and Massachusetts’ rate is 3.9%, the same as the national average. Maine’s rate is 4.7%

GOVERNMENT IS GETTING LARGER, taking more of your money, then bragging about giving some of it back.

In the run-up to the November election, the Governor is acting as if she is giving you a gift. But, it is your tax money paid to a federal government that is borrowing against our children’s future to distribute it to states as pandemic aid.

The HEALTHCARE WORKER shortage fueled by the Governor’s mandates continues to result in fewer hospital beds, postponed medical procedures, and more nursing homes on the brink of closing.

Again, we ask, why won’t the Governor allow healthy, covid-free workers that are unvaccinated to serve us while she allows people who test positive for covid to work?

What about our CHILDREN?

We are into the third year of pandemic restrictions, two children under 20 have died since March of 2020.

Why are our children the recipients of the Governor’s most restrictive CDC mandates?

Governor Mills boasts about her pandemic mandates, but is oblivious to suffering and economic and social ramifications caused by prolonged restrictions as other states have successfully reopened.

It is encouraging that more and more people are seeing beyond the Governor’s press releases announcing millions of dollars to address problems she has helped create in education, child welfare, addiction, unemployment, nursing home and healthcare.

House Republicans will continue to seek systemic tax reforms that eliminate taking too much of your hard earned money and returning 50 cents on the dollar to you.

The reality is this:

Until we have a Governor and legislature committed to real tax reform, the best you will get from Democrats is a partial refund of your money in the form of election-year checks sent to you by Governor Mills.

House Republicans know that it is your money, and you need it to try and keep pace with runaway inflation.

You deserve better from state government.

This has been Representative Jack Ducharme with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.  Thank you for listening, subscribing, sharing, and following us on Facebook and Instagram.


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