Democrats vote for 9% tax on workers residing in seasonal campers

Seasonal campers are double or triple taxed under current law

RENTED AUGUSTA CIVIC CENTER – House Democrats yesterday overwhelming rejected a proposal to provide tax relief to workers and others residing in seasonal campers. LD 611 – An Act To Exempt Long-Term Lodging from the 9 Percent Sales Tax on Lodging, Sponsored Rep. Shelley Rudnicki (R-Fairfield), proposed eliminating one of the taxes on individuals residing continuously in a tent or trailer space, for 90 days or more, in order to work during the summer season. Seasonal campers are currently subject to double or triple taxation under current law. “This is about lodging fairness for seasonal campers and workers contributing to the Maine economy,” said Rep. Shelley Rudnicki. “This tax discriminates against seasonal workers, retirees, families of modest means on vacation and makes them pay double or even triple what they should reasonably pay in taxes. Seasonal sites allow many who are not in the financial position to buy land and erect a camp which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Rep. Tom Skolfield (R- Weld) highlighted the absurdity of 9% taxation on seasonal campers. “If I check into a motel I will pay 9% tax, but I will get a set of sheets to lie on, a restroom, a little refrigerator, and perhaps other amenities, including breakfast. Contrast that with staying in a camper in a seasonal campground. I would be staying in a camper that I already paid state sales tax on, and then continue to pay annual registration fees, and excise taxes for the privilege of operating it on Maine roads. I will also pay a campground fee to a landowner who already pays property taxes on the land. The State of Maine then requires me to pay even more taxes on everything I already own and paid taxes on to purchase. I find that truly remarkable and unfair.”

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