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Monthly Archives: February 2021

House Republicans continue to fight for fairness, the survival of Maine businesses, Maine jobs, social institutions, in-person learning, and a safe restoration of our Maine way of life. This is Representative Meldon “Mikey” Carmichael of Greenbush with the Weekly Republican Radio Address. One of many negative side-effects of unilateral, ongoing emergency orders is that it allows government to pick winners and losers.  That is not fair in a country governed by a… Read More

This is Representative Ted Kryzak with the Weekly Republican Radio Address. Over the last two-weeks, my colleagues and I on the Tax Committee have been focused on the Supplemental Budget proposed by Governor Mills that would bring our overall budget into balance as is constitutionally required. We are disappointed that as proposed currently, the Administration is proposing to tax the monies our small businesses received from the Paycheck Protections Program (PPP) as… Read More