Count your Blessings

Hello this is State Representative Sue Bernard from Caribou.
This is the last House Republican radio address of 2020. What a year.

It started off with so much potential, but ended after so much heartache, fear and
difficult adjustments.

As we look forward to 2021, we will take stock of our difficulties and losses but
especially at this time of year, we must also count our blessings.

We are Americans. We are Mainers. We are hope-filled people.

While we see conflict between freedom and the growing power of the state, we can take
comfort in knowing that such conflict confirms we still care deeply about freedom and

If we didn’t, there would be no conflict. Such conflict, such struggle can actually be a

In each of our lives, we can find blessings, so let us end the year focused on those
things in our lives that bring us peace and happiness. Blessings large and
small—gratitude for all that sustains us. Let’s be thankful for the faith that defines this

As we move into 2021, remember that there are no limits to what the individual can
accomplish with hard work, and what a community can achieve through a shared
commitment to liberty.

Merry Christmas and may we all have a New Year filled with health,
happiness, and the resolve to work together for a better tomorrow.

This has been Rep. Sue Bernard with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.
Thank you for listening.

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