HAppy Thanksgiving

Good afternoon, this is House Republican Leader Kathleen Dillingham.  

Our state has just come through a grueling campaign season where we saw an unprecedented amount of money spent on mailings, our airways, and we were bombarded with negative politics at its worst.  We still have an unsettled campaign at the federal level.

We have seen an increase in positive COVID tests in our State, which have led to even more executive orders and guidelines, which might be well meant, but often appear arbitrary in their application.

As we enter this holiday season, I encourage the people of Maine to remain cautious and continue to use commonsense in their fight against this virus. 

Follow recommended health and safety guidelines but, rather than focusing on calling a hotline to register a complaint against family, friends, and neighbors, try instead to reach out to those who may have opposing viewpoints and engage in conversation. 

Let’s foster an environment of civil dialogue and attempt to understand opposing views, even if we don’t ultimately agree with them. Maine has never been nor should it ever be a place where a call to law enforcement replaces a conversation with a neighbor.

As I close in on the 10th year of not having my Mom to share Thanksgiving with, I am thankful and so grateful that I still have my Dad and other loved family members to share the holiday with. 

I ask all of you, rather than making an assumption that your neighbor may have too many loved ones visiting for the holidays because of the numbers of vehicles you see in their driveway, please instead assume that you don’t know their story. 

We don’t know what conversations families have had around gathering, we don’t know what safety precautions they are taking, we don’t know what personal challenges they are facing. Let’s be understanding rather than accusatory.

Let’s get back to supporting and caring for each other. Let’s lend a hand instead of sharing derision and continuing division. Let’s see this holiday season as a start to not only what hopefully will be the beginning success of a vaccine but also a start to healing the rift in our country and for friends and family divided over this past election season to find their way back together. A time to share our cherished memories of times past and loved ones no longer able to sit at our tables and a time to create new memories to see us through future times of loss.

I wish you, your friends, and family a Happy Thanksgiving and a holiday season filled with health, love and a time to be grateful for all that we have.

This is the House Republican Leader Kathleen Dillingham.

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