The tide may be turning

The tide may be turning 

The tide may be turning?

Let’s hope so.

This is House Representative Kathy Javner of Chester with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

Mainers have had enough of 2020 and what we have lost.

  • Time spent with loved ones
  • Community events 
  • Social gatherings 
  • School
  • Sports
  • Worship services 
  • For many, work

We mourn the loss of  loved ones who left us in 2020.

We also feel for those who silently passed because of the reaction to COVID-19, as well as the disease itself.

And we mourn the people who died without loved ones present at the end.

Through all of this, the Maine people have done what they had to do to get through 2020.

Could things have been better? …Yes

Could things have been done differently? … Yes 

That is life looking back.

Maine House Republicans are looking forward!

As the loyal opposition, Maine we are hopeful that people are responding to the same spirit that moves us and strengthens our commitment to making things better.

We’ve had enough of 2020 and the irresponsible, short-sighted policies leading up to the pandemic.

We hope and pray that the tide is turning.

Turning away from:

  • Fear
  • Negativity 
  • Low expectations 

Turning toward:

  • Hope
  • Optimism
  • Resolve, and  

The resumption of the Maine life we lived and loved.

Slightly different, …possibly, but all the wiser about what “agenda driven” politicians did to the states people are fleeing from.

With new awareness, we can reject those ruinous policies here before it is too late.

House Republicans believe we can build a better future from the ruins of 2020.

It will take hard work, cooperative spirit and a can-do attitude.

It will mean a return to a political climate 

where we focus on what is truly important, needs not wants.

A political climate where thrift, hard work and entrepreneurial spirit is rewarded, and neighbors care about neighbors.

There is no margin for error, government waste, or someone else’s agenda.

Maine people must come first.

Please encourage everyone to vote in this year’s election.

This has been Representative Kathy Javner with the Weekly Republican Radio Address. 

Thank you for listening and sharing.

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