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Monthly Archives: June 2020

Under 50 legislative Republicans met on the Statehouse stairs this week to call upon the Governor and Democrat leaders to allow the Legislature to meet, in session, to focus only on COVID-19 matters. Republicans want a narrowly defined, limited agenda, focused only on addressing COVID-19.That includes:Passing legislation to amend the Governor’s emergency powers, ensuring that both branches of government are involved in decision-making going forward.Making sure the opinions and expertise of all… Read More

Emergency powers in the Maine statute expressly delegate the authority to “Control the ingress and egress of persons and occupancy of premises within the State pursuant to the movement of persons within the State.” This is Representative Kathy Javner from Chester and that is the language cited in the Governor’s most recent Executive Order, in which she attempts to restrict visitors to the state of Maine.The new plan entitled “Keep Maine Healthy,”… Read More

Legislators stunned after Governor prevents her own Labor Commissioner from appearing at meeting to discuss failed unemployment systemSTATEHOUSE – Legislators of both parties expressed shock and dismay over Governor Mills’ decision to withhold Labor Commissioner Laura Fortman from a meeting of the Labor Committee today to discuss problems with Maine’s unemployment system. That system continues to affect tens of thousands of people, many of whom have yet to receive benefits 11 weeks… Read More