Let us begin a dialogue on how to safely reopen Maine

Message from House Republican Leader Kathleen Dillingham:

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Emergency and Stay at Home Orders are creating deep divisions between our neighbors, friends, and even families.

I believe we can all agree that we have the following goals in common:

1. Ensure our citizens, particularly those with underlying health conditions and those in assisted living facilities, are safe.

2. Work in a bipartisan fashion to safely restore our economy and way of life to minimize further hardship and financial suffering.

House Republicans believe the Governor mentioning the possibility of reopening Maine is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, the lack of a detailed plan and sharing of benchmarks is troubling and contributing to further division among Maine’s citizens.

Former Governor LePage has published a detailed plan for consideration and affords us a starting point for a conversation. We have no doubt that Maine’s other former Governors could also provide great guidance along with individuals within the Legislature who have a long history of distinguished experience within state government such as Representatives John Martin and H. Sawin Millett.

We encourage the Governor and her administration to move forward in a true bipartisan fashion to safely reopen Maine.

House Republicans stand ready to work in good faith with the Governor and her administration.

Warm regards,

Kathleen R. Dillingham
House Republican Leader

Contact: John.bott@legislature.maine.gov

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