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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Hello, this is Steve Foster, State Representative from Dexter, with this week’s Republican Radio Address. House Republicans remain concerned that excessive spending, combined with a lack of true priorities, will result in hardship and tax increases down the road. Democrats created a state budget that is 11% higher than the last one. It spends close to $1 billion more and was put together with one-time surplus funds from the LePage years, in… Read More

Hello, this is Sawin Millett, State Representative from Waterford. I serve as the House Republican Lead on the Appropriations Committee. The Governor recently released her proposed Supplemental Budget. House Republicans are pleased to hear her at least mention some of the core priorities that were not addressed in the rush to pass an $8 billion budget last June. That budget is 11% larger than the last one, and relied heavily on one-time… Read More