Solutions in search of problems is how progressives define leadership

Hello, this is John DeVeau, the State Representative from Caribou.

Maine’s most recent legislative session was the most extreme in history.

There were blatant attacks to our constitution and an utter disregard for the oath we swear to.

We repeatedly saw bills designed to address non-existent problems or to reverse policies that benefited Maine families.

They are part of a national socialist agenda that out-of-staters are trying to impose on us for our own good. 

Extremists in the legislature “assume” that we all need to give up some of our freedoms and constitutional protections to the government for the greater good.

Never mind that the “greater good” is code for picking winners and losers and letting someone else decide where your hard earned money should go in order to reward narrow special interests.

Assuming that the government knows how to do things better than we do is a recipe for disaster.

President Ronald Reagan once said:   

“Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.”

The lack of fiscal responsibility, new regulations and creation of barriers to people trying to earn a living, will negatively impact Maine going forward. 

It is rumored that the Mills Administration will be short of money, requiring us to consider a supplemental budget in January.

I hope that is not the case, but I fear that it is likely. Democrats spent 99.95% of all available monies, including the Republican surplus last spring. 

It was fiscally irresponsible to propose a budget that was 11% higher than the previous one, using one-time monies.

It almost guarantees that Democrats will increase taxes in the future when they run out of other people’s money to spend. 

Many extreme proposals were defeated last session.

Listeners and others flooded Augusta many times last session to oppose ideas like: 

  • paying an extra $400 every time you fill your heating oil tank,
  • Paying as much as 64% more for beer, wine and spirits, 
  • Or, allowing as few as 11 states to pick the next President of the United States through the “National Popular Vote” scheme. 

These and other extreme proposals failed because, even though Republicans only have 38% of the votes in the Maine legislature, the public joined us in Augusta to make their voices heard! 

Just because these and many other proposals failed, does not mean that extremists in the legislature have given up on them.

Next week, the Legislative Council will consider whether to let in some 400 bills for consideration during the second regular session of the Legislature.

There are already 460 bills from the first session that have been carried over for our consideration. 

The upcoming second session is supposed to be reserved for emergency legislation.

Emergency bills, as defined by the Maine Constitution, are: “immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety now.”

Here is one example of how one-party rule in the hands of extremists may result in an abuse of our Constitution to further a progressive agenda.

Maine was recently named the safest state in the nation.

I repeat, Maine was recently named the safest state in the nation. 

Maine’s Constitution is stronger than the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution on gun rights. 

In 1987, Maine voters amended the Maine Constitution to read, “Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.”

In 2015, a bipartisan coalition of Mainers passed “Constitutional Carry” further enshrining Mainers constitutional right to bear arms and defend themselves.

In 2016, Maine voters rejected a proposal to require background checks. 

Not only do we live in the safest state in America, but also we consistently have the lowest violent crime rate. 

Despite this fact, progressives and their allies in the Maine legislature tried and failed to pass gun control legislation. 

Thirteen gun control proposals were defeated this past session.

Even though we are the safest state in the country and just said “no” 13 times, there are now at least six new proposals under consideration for the second legislative session. 

These proposals include:

“An Act To Prevent Mass Shootings in Maine by Banning Assault-style Weapons”  

“An Act To Require a Person Who Owns a Firearm To Purchase Liability Insurance.”

Those and other gun control proposals are solutions to non-existent problems.

Since Maine is the safest state in the country, I fail to see how gun control legislation meets the definition of “emergency.” 

Maine people have repeatedly said “no” to restrictions on Second Amendment freedoms.

They have said “no” to circumventing the Constitution when selecting a President. 

They also said “no” to higher taxes on home heating fuel, beer, wine and alcohol and the Green New Deal.

Unfortunately, with one-party rule, Democrats did not get the message. They are going to try again this session, at your expense.

Legislative Republicans will once again need your vigilance, action and voice in order to stop harmful bills from passing this session.

Please help us by contacting Democratic legislators to oppose new taxes and restrictions on our freedoms.  

This has been State Representative John DeVeau with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.        

Thank you for listening. 


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