Maine House GOP

Monthly Archives: October 2019

Hello, this is John DeVeau, the State Representative from Caribou. Maine’s most recent legislative session was the most extreme in history. There were blatant attacks to our constitution and an utter disregard for the oath we swear to. We repeatedly saw bills designed to address non-existent problems or to reverse policies that benefited Maine families. They are part of a national socialist agenda that out-of-staters are trying to impose on us for… Read More

Hello, this is Peter Lyford, the State Representative from Eddington. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the emerging face of the Democratic Party, says that we only have 12 years or “the world is going to end.”   Every day, Democrat politicians tell us there is a “climate emergency.” National, state and local news cycles now include at least one “climate emergency” story in every edition or broadcast. It used to be “global cooling,” then… Read More