Flip, Flip, Flipping Democrats flip again, this time on the National Popular Vote!

Lobbyists, union bosses and national special interest groups keep winning on issues like these:

  • National Popular Vote – 8 Democrats changed their votes to nullify the Constitution and shift power from Maine voters to big cities (Roll Call #230). The power to elect our President may ultimately be controlled by as few as 11 states.
  • More ethanol for our lungs, environment and engines – 50 Democrats changed their votes (Roll Call #89) after unanimous, bi-partisan votes to ban more ethanol in gasoline
  • Pathway to create more industrial arts and technical career jobs – 7 Democrats changed their votes (Roll Call #223) after supporting a proposal to address the shortage of workers

Lobbyists, union bosses and left-wing extremists are in control of the Maine Legislature.

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