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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Hello, this is Representative Trey Stewart of Presque Isle, the Assistant Republican Leader of the Maine House. The first session of the 129th Legislature has now adjourned. Previous Republican Radio Addresses have outlined our concerns with the massive, unsustainable budget that Governor Mills and Democratic majorities in the House and Senate just passed.  Other addresses have focused on onerous new regulations on small businesses, limits on personal freedoms, or absurd ideas promoted… Read More

State Budget Includes Republican Proposal for Property Tax Relief Hello, this is Representative Dennis Keschl from Belgrade. I am a member of the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee, and the Town Manager for the Town of Belgrade. Just this week, the Appropriations Committee completed its work on a proposed two-year budget. Several previous Republican radio addresses have outlined serious concerns about the proposal submitted by Governor Mills.  Among those concerns were: The Governor proposed… Read More

Lobbyists, union bosses and national special interest groups keep winning on issues like these: National Popular Vote – 8 Democrats changed their votes to nullify the Constitution and shift power from Maine voters to big cities (Roll Call #230). The power to elect our President may ultimately be controlled by as few as 11 states. More ethanol for our lungs, environment and engines – 50 Democrats changed their votes (Roll Call #89)… Read More