Governor favors Rhode Island Company over health, environmental, small engine and fuel economy concerns of Mainers!

Vetoes unanimous ban of Ethanol greater than 10% at behest of connected lobbyist

STATEHOUSE – Maine House Republicans expressed disappointment at Governor Mills’ first veto – LD 822, An Act To Prohibit the Sale of Motor Fuel Containing More than 10% Ethanol. The legislation, Sponsored by Rep. Beth O’Connor (R-Berwick), received a unanimous recommendation from the Environment and Natural Resources Committee and was unanimously adopted by the Maine House and Senate.

“Legislative Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike unanimously voted to ban the sale of motor fuels with more than E-15 ethanol over potential health, environmental and consumer concerns,” said Rep. Beth O’Connor (R-Berwick). “Governor Mills vetoed the bill, despite the health, environmental, small engine and fuel economy concerns of Mainers.”

“I suspect that the Legal Counsel for the Maine Democratic Party was hired by, what I believe to be, the only company in Maine with tanks capable of selling E-15 to lobby the Governor. This stinks to high heaven! Since when do the concerns of one company override our lungs, our environment and need for fuel efficient vehicles that don’t seize up from watered down gas.”  

Additional Information:

A brief internet search reveals a massive amount of information raising significant and serious questions regarding E-15 fuel.  It begs that question: Why does the Governor think that it is needed?

Environmental Working Group: Ethanol-Gasoline Fuel Blends May Cause Human Health Risks and Engine Issues

Click to access ethanol-gasoline-white-paper.pdf



Friends of the Earth: Understanding E15: the dangers of more ethanol for consumers and the environment

Natural Resource Defense Council: EPA’s E15 waiver–even EPA knows it threatens the air we breathe

Consumer Reports: Gas with ethanol can make small engines fail

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