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GOPAC’s 2019 Class of Emerging Leaders is made up of promising legislators selected for their potential and ability to impact their state. “We welcome being a part of the success that this year’s Class of Emerging Leaders will achieve. These men and women will contribute much to our mission to build a roster of Republicans ready to lead in their state legislatures and run for higher office,” said GOPAC Chairman David Avella. The Emerging… Read More

ONE PARTY RULE THREATENS MAINE FAMILIES Hello, I am Kathleen Dillingham, the Maine House Republican Leader from Oxford. For the past 8 Years, Republican leadership has improved the lives of Mainers through responsible fiscal discipline and policies. By lowering taxes, restraining the growth of government, lowering debt and improving state finances, we have improved the budget for families in Maine. Low unemployment, higher wages and historically high workforce participation is and should… Read More

Hello, this is Jeff Hanley, the State Representative from Pittston. Living in Maine is more expensive than many parts of the country. Our size and location require Mainers to pay more to heat our homes in winter and to travel longer distances to and from work. In spite of this fact, Maine Democrats in the legislature seem to be relentless in their pursuit of taxing our fuels. They are seeking to tax… Read More

Education Republicans oppose cutting vocational education to fund more bureaucrats  STATEHOUSE – Republican members of the Legislature’s Education and Cultural Affairs Committee voted unanimously to fully fund Maine Career & Technical Education (CTE) schools. Governor Mills has proposed cutting CTE schools and adding 36 new hires at the Maine Department of Education, 16 of which are non-teaching positions to “build staffing capacity.” Committee Republicans voted for $3.89 million in CTE funding, Democrats… Read More