Joint Statement by Senate & House Republican leadership regarding budget briefing


“This afternoon Senate and House Republicans received a budget briefing from the Governor’s staff. We await the official budget document and the details that it will contain.

From what little information we have at this part in the process, it is our concern  that the budget she is proposing is unsustainable.

Initial thoughts

  • The current baseline budget is $7.215 billion
  • The Governor is proposing a $8.04 billion budget
  • Reaching that number requires one-time funding sources, lowering projected revenue sharing and it doesn’t account for built in cost increases in future years
  • Budgets proposed by Governors typically increase to accommodate legislative spending proposals
  • Republican members of the Appropriations Committee cannot see how the budget can responsibly be higher than $7.7 billion without requiring future tax increases

Republicans believe we shouldn’t be spending more than we take in. We are seeking a seat at the table where, in good faith, and with civility, we can help bring the overall budget number down to a level that will not result in tax increases at the local or state levels or adversely impact Maine’s strong economy.

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