Transparency Suffers Defeat in the Maine House

Transparency Suffers Defeat in the Maine House

House Republicans unanimously oppose rule change limiting public access to the “People’s House”

STATEHOUSE – Maine House Republicans today unanimously opposed an amendment to House Rules that prohibits members from photographing or videotaping the transaction of public business in the House. The proposed amendment passed 91-53 with House Democrats uniformly supported the restriction. Two House Independents joined with Republicans in opposing the measure.

“House Republicans support transparency in the conduct of public business,” said Assistant House Republican Leader Trey Stewart. “Floor speeches are part of the public record. This Democratic House Rule change limits the public’s ability to experience part of the legislative process through the eyes and ears of their elected representatives.”

COMMITTEE AMENDMENT “A” to H.O. 9, “House Order, To Amend House Rule 401” was voted on in the Maine House of Representatives on Thursday, January 24, 2019. ROLL CALL NO. 1


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