Maine House Republicans accept Governor’s challenge


Maine House Republicans accept Governor’s challenge

Our minority caucus will help “advance good public debate and good public policy”

STATEHOUSE – Maine House Republican Leaders Kathleen Dillingham (R-Oxford) and Trey Stewart (R-Presque Isle) congratulate Governor Janet T. Mills today on her Inauguration speech last night.  The free flowing verses and rhetorical flourishes gave her supporters much to cheer about. House Republicans were listening very carefully for areas where we can contribute to good public policies that strengthen Maine.

“Governor Mills eloquently stated in her speech that our “diversity is a virtue – one that we should harness to advance good public debate and good public policy,” said House Republican Leader Dillingham. “Our minority caucus accepts the Governor’s challenge, and will not be shy about championing the fiscally-sound, pro-growth policies that are creating new jobs, new business expansion, higher wages, low unemployment and an improving quality of life for Maine. We will also promote freedom and protect the constitutional rights of our citizens.”

“Last night’s speech included even more spending proposals to add to her campaign promises,” said Assistant Leader Trey Stewart. “We will carefully review each new proposal when details and funding sources are identified. We are also interested in how the ever increasing number of spending proposals will be prioritized against our already overburdened taxpayers.”

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