Rep. Heidi Sampson Awarded Prestigious Freedom and Opportunity Award

Rep. Heidi Sampson of Alfred received the Freedom and Opportunity Award from the Maine Heritage Policy Center last week. Rep. Sampson received the award after completing her first term in the Maine House of Representatives where she served on the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee.

“Rep. Heidi Sampson has demonstrated her commitment to empowering families in Maine so that every child can learn the skills needed to thrive in the global, 21st century economy. Her work to build coalitions and advance the debate in Augusta has been invaluable,” said Mathew Gagnon, Executive Director of the Maine Heritage Policy Center.

Rep. Sampson’s greatest accomplishment of the session was shepherding LD 1666, a bill to repeal the proficiency based diploma requirement from Maine’s public schools, through the difficult legislative process. Rep. Sampson amended an existing bill in committee and was able to not only get enough bipartisan support to pass the bill in the Legislature, she also was able to work with the governor and convince him to sign the bill in to law. This is a remarkable accomplishment for a first-term legislator.

“I’m deeply moved to be honored by the Maine Heritage Policy Center,” said Rep. Sampson. “There are so many others who helped me to make this accomplishment a reality including parents, teachers, students and other legislators. Without such a collaborative effort, this would not have been possible. I look forward to continuing to serve my community in the Maine House during the 129th Legislature.”


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