Bill That Removes Proficiency Based Diploma Mandate Becomes Law 

Proficiency Based Diplomas are likely to become a thing of the past in school districts all across Maine after LD 1666 was signed into law today. LD 1666 removes the mandate on Maine school districts that required them to issue proficiency based diplomas.

Removing this mandate puts local school boards, teachers and parents back in the driver’s seat when it comes to how students all across Maine learn at our public schools. Students on all ends of the spectrum can now have their needs met more effectively.

The passage of LD 1666, and the removal of the proficiency based diploma mandate on Maine’s public schools, puts our teachers back in control of directing their own classrooms and the manner in which students learn.

Rep. Heidi Sampson of Alfred, a member of the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee, has been the leader of this effort, shepherding this bill through the process.

“No longer can administrations force teachers and parents into compliance with policies that were never law,” said Rep. Heidi Sampson of Alfred. “Non-profit organizations that have been pushing proficiency based diplomas for the past six years no longer have the law to use as leverage to force their agenda on Maine schools.”

“The signing of LD 1666 into law returns control of graduation requirements back to our local districts,” added Rep. Sampson.

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  1. Could not be more pleased! Thank you, thank you! I know that there are so many who advocated tirelessly for this result!

  2. This is truly the best news I’ve heard in a very long time. Now if our district will accept change, life can return to normal.

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