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Monthly Archives: June 2018

With critically important issues like tax conformity and a transportation bond still left unresolved, House Republicans are not overly concerned with how politicians will finance their campaigns. This once again puts  House Republicans at odds with other legislators in Augusta who have chosen clean elections funding as their top priority. This afternoon in the House, LD 1655, a tax conformity bill that would provide tax relief to the Maine people and Maine businesses… Read More

After a unanimous agreement was reached this week by the members of the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee on a package to address the needs of the people of Maine, House Republican leaders have polled the caucus with regard to returning for a special session. In response to the poll, a sufficient number of House Republicans have agreed to return to the state house next week for a special session. Below is… Read More

This Election Day, polling locations across the state are being inundated with candidates for various political offices collecting $5 checks for “clean elections” at their local polling locations. In some cases, candidates have set up tables just a few feet away from the polls with large signs simply asking: “Do You Want To Fund Clean Elections?” without informing the voters that, as the candidate, they are the beneficiary of the money they’re… Read More