House Democrats Vote To Silence Rural Maine Voters

Tuesday, Democrats in the Maine House killed a bill that would have asked Maine voters if they wanted to allow Mainers living in the Second Congressional District to have a say in the referendum questions that appear on the ballot.

LD 31 would have asked voters if they want to amend the Maine Constitution to require that an equal number of signatures required to qualify a referendum for the ballot come from both the First and Second Congressional Districts. Had it passed the House today, the decision to amend the Maine Constitution would have been left up to the voters in November.


24 states allow for citizen initiated referendums and 12 of those states have geographical requirements when it comes to collecting signatures to qualify for the ballot.

Every election cycle, we are seeing more and more referendum questions appearing on the ballot. It takes roughly 61,000 signatures to get these questions on the ballot and these paid signatures gatherers are rarely, if ever, spotted north of Augusta.


“House Democrats have been screaming for the past two years about the ‘will of the voters’ and I find it shameful and hypocritical that they just voted to silence the will of the voters in half the state,” said Assistant House Republican Leader Ellie Espling of New Gloucester, sponsor of LD 31. “This bill would have allowed the people of Maine to decide whether or not they want to make changes to the referendum process and Democrats in the House chose to make that decision for them. Once again, Maine Democrats think they know better than the people they represent. It could be argued that the Democrats’ vote today amounts to nothing more than voter suppression.”


7 Comments on “House Democrats Vote To Silence Rural Maine Voters

  1. The Democrats have no right to make and voting decission away from the voters. We are one very vast state and we all have equal right to vote on all subjects.

  2. Typical action of people living in the southern part of our state. The people who live north of Augusta are unimportant and are not intelligent enough to contribute to their Maine.

  3. We need to vote them out! I can’t see how anybody would have the nerve to call themselves a democrat today. In my opinion, they are the party of corruption.

  4. This just widens the gap between the 1st and 2nd district, for all of those that wanted to make the “two” Maines come closer, you just failed miserably.

  5. too often the higher populated sectors of Maine make decisions that affect rural Mainers and it has never set well with me. find out who voted to suppress our votes, and vote them out in the next elections!

  6. If you want to see an example of where Maine is heading- look at VT. The Burlington area runs the state and the hardwork rural folks are the ones paying the toll.

  7. It’s amazing how Democrats think they are so much smarter than the rest of us. If they only knew! We are capable of living wonderful, free lives, if they would just leave us alone.

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