Bill To Help Military Medics Transition To The Workforce Becomes Law

Rep. Brad Farrin of Norridgewock was joined by representatives from the Maine Bureau of Veterans Services, a bipartisan group of legislators and medical professionals from Maine at a press conference celebrating LD 1327 becoming law.


LD 1327 “An Act To Allow Former Military Medical Personnel To Perform Certain Medical Services” became law on March 4. The bill gives former United States Army medics, United States Air Force medical technicians, United States Navy corpsman or United States Coast Guard health services technicians the opportunity to utilize their military training as civilians. These veterans are now able to perform certain medical services under the proper supervision.


We currently have approximately 120,000 military veterans living in Maine and roughly 400 veterans have valuable military training in healthcare.


Prior to LD 1327, these veterans were growing frustrated when employers were not recognizing their military education and experience – a majority of them were ending up either underemployed or forced to find work in other fields despite their training.  LD 1327 will help keep these veterans in Maine as a valuable addition to our workforce.


“For too long, our veterans have had to deal with prospective employers who were not recognizing their military education and experience, leaving these vets frustrated and often underemployed or looking for work in other fields,” said Rep. Farrin. “At the same time, here in Maine, we face an enormous unmet demand for people who have the same skill set as these military medics. This bill immediately addresses both of these issues.”


“The men and women of our armed forces are trained professionals and should be a welcome addition to our workforce,” said House Republican Leader Ken Fredette, a cosponsor of LD 1327. “We should be doing everything we can to help our veterans transition into the workforce and I applaud Rep. Farrin and all the stakeholders for their hard work that made this bill a reality.”

“I believe this legislation is long overdue, and I would like to thank Representative Farrin for his leadership in seeing this through,” Senate President Thibodeau said. “The skills our veterans learn while they are in the military often translate directly to the private sector.   We need to do everything  we can to remove any barriers to employment in Maine so their transition to civilian life can be as seamless as possible, and I believe this bill moves us closer to that goal.”

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