Rep. Patrick Corey Partners with Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine on School Safety Bill

On Tuesday, February 27, Rep. Patrick Corey (R) of Windham will propose an emergency bill that would make sweeping enhancements to the overall safety to Maine’s public schools. The measure is awaiting approval by the Legislative Council as an after deadline bill.  Rep. Corey has worked closely with the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine on an outline of what the legislation will include.


The bill would:

  • Provide 20 million dollar General Obligation Bond administered through the School Renovation Fund.


  • Fund security enhancements determined by DOE rule making that would include facility improvements and collaborative efforts between local law enforcement (e.g., municipal police, sheriff, State Police) to better coordinate and communicate school security plans.


  • The Department of Education would be directed to collaborate with the Department of Public Safety and other State and Federal agencies to determine appropriate safety enhancements and additional funding sources.


  • Provide matching funds for local school districts and allow private donations.


  • Two year report back to Legislatures Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee and Education and Cultural Affairs Committee.

“Funding is really the biggest obstacle to security enhancements at Maine’s K-12 public schools. I strongly believe the Department of Education and the Department of Public Safety are in the best positions to determine these needs,” said Rep. Corey. “I feel a real sense of immediacy as I know many Mainers do but without the funding in place, very little can happen.”

“Our organization is proud to introduce legislation that, unlike other proposals coming forward in recent days will actually make our schools a safer place to learn. This bill will make major investments in modern technology and proven security upgrades to protect Maine teachers, support staff and students at all times and in all situations.”  Said SAM Director, David Trahan.

The Legislative Council is made up of five Republicans and five Democrats. They are scheduled to meet Tuesday, February 27 at 1:30 in the Legislative Council Chambers, room 334 in the Maine State House.

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