Progressive Activists Propose One of The Largest Tax Increases In Maine History

“Homecare” referendum seeks to impose a $310 million annual tax hike on 70,000 Mainers

This afternoon, a group of progressive activists delivered signatures to the Secretary of State’s office to put one of the largest tax increases in Maine history on the ballot this November. Although the group claims their proposal would raise $132 million annually, the actual numbers show that the group is being disingenuous about their figures.

Last fall, the House Republican office requested an analysis of the bill from Maine Revenue Service and that analysis showed what this group is actually proposing is a $310 million annual tax increase on 70,000 people. It also would cost approximately $400,000 in administration costs in the first year just to implement their proposal. That means this bill is seeking one of the largest tax increases in Maine history but I imagine that won’t be something we’ll see in the advertisements urging Mainers to vote in favor of this referendum question in the fall.

Below is a statement from House Republican Leader Ken Fredette of Newport:

“What this proposal represents is yet another example of a special interest group taking advantage of the referendum process in Maine to perpetrate one of the largest tax increases in state history on the hardworking people of Maine. Raising the pay for direct care workers is an issue that is currently being worked on in the Legislature and it’s something we should be able to achieve within existing resources, not by raising taxes.”

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