Rep. Pouliot Introduces Bill Seeking to Protect Minors from Convicted Sex Offenders

AUGUSTA – On Thursday, January 25, the bipartisan Legislative Council will hold a vote on LR 2863, Representative Matthew Pouliot’s (R-Augusta) bill to protect minors from sexual predators, following a series of disturbing events within his community.

As an after deadline bill, LR 2863 must get approval from the Legislative Council in order to be considered by the full Legislature this year.

“It came to my attention last week that a registered sex offender with a history of abusing children was visiting local shops to take candid photographs of young girls, without their parent’s knowledge or consent, and posting those photographs on the internet. While the community was rightfully outraged, law enforcement was unable to act, as the perpetrator wasn’t actually breaking any laws. That’s why, at the request of a number of constituents, I have introduced LR 2863. I hope that Legislative Council sees the merit and advances this bill for consideration this year. I hope we can all agree that we should act upon this legislation as quickly as possible before more families fall victim to this sort of criminal behavior,” said Rep. Pouliot.

The Legislative Council will decide whether or not to admit LR 2863, “An Act To Establish as a Class D Crime the Intentional Photographing of a Minor without Consent of the Minor’s Parent or Guardian by an Individual Required to Register as a Sex Offender” at their next scheduled meeting on January 25 at 1:30 in the Legislative Council Chamber.




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